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Full Product Details of Our 30’ Commercial Flagpoles: 


Wave your American flag with pride in front of your school, office building, or factory with the purchase of our Carrot-Top's Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Two-Piece 30' Flagpole. We construct our two-piece 30' flagpoles out of high-quality materials. With an exposed height of 30', these flagpoles look stately against any two to three-story building. They are ideal for low to moderate wind conditions.  

Choose between four flagpole finishes to match the exterior of your building. All anodized finishes come with a five-year warranty against pitting and corrosion. 

  • Order in satin for a shiny flagpole that matches any building, or pay extra for an anodized clear, bronze, or black finish. 
  • 5" butt diameter / 3" top diameter  
  • Seamless 6063-T6 aluminum with a wall thickness of 0.125"   
  • Carrot-Top's lifetime warranty covers shaft  
  • External halyard and pulley system to conveniently raise and lower your flag 
  • Holds up against wind speeds up to 96mph when unflagged  
  • Made in the USA 

Components Included in our Two-Piece 30’ Flagpole 


Besides the flag, our 30' flagpoles include everything you need to proudly display your state or American flag. You may upgrade your truck, collar, or ball finial by filling out our contact us form. The truck, halyard, and cleat will match the finish of the flagpole you ordered. 


Other Important Information for Our Two-Piece 30’ Flagpole 


Read through our frequently asked questions if you want to purchase a two-piece flagpole.   


1. What’s the difference between a one and two-piece flagpole? 


You can purchase our 30' Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpoles in one or two pieces. Many believe our one-piece 30-foot aluminum flagpole is stronger than the two-piece version. However, engineering studies show that the two-piece flagpole is just as rigid and strong as the one-piece design. As a bonus,  two-piece designs allow the flagpole to be shipped in smaller, more manageable packages. This makes it cheaper to ship and install.  


2. How does Carrot-Top ship its two-piece flagpoles? 


Our Majestic™ aluminum flagpoles ship via motor freight. Before installing your flagpole, make sure you have your location marked off and have it checked for utility lines. Please read our flagpole delivery and installation guide for additional advice and preparation tips. 

We advise you to remove your flagpole from its corrugated packaging immediately. Failure to do can result in permanent staining should your flagpole become wet. 


3. How to install a 30’ two-piece flagpole 


We will send in-depth installation instructions with the purchase of your flagpole. To familiarize yourself with the steps, you can also access these instructions online at Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpole Instructions. 


4. What size flagpole should I purchase for a one or two-story building? 


Our premium quality flagpole brand Majestic™ comes in sizes suitable for smaller buildings. For buildings two stories and shorter, we recommend a 20-foot flagpole or a 25-foot flagpole. 


Other FAQs About our Two-Piece 30’ Flagpoles 


See a question that needs to be covered in our FAQ? Fill out our contact us form, and a Flag Pro will get back to you shortly. 


1. What flagpole finish should I select? 


Anodized finishes add an extra layer of protection against pitting and corrosion. They also help protect your flag from snags and stains from a rough, corroded flagpole surface. People living on the coast or in industrial areas will benefit most from anodized finishes as the sealant protects your flagpole against harsh elements like salt water, acid rain, and other contaminants. Clear anodized finishes, like satin finishes, are silver. 


2. What flag should I fly with a 30’ flagpole? 


We recommend flying the flag size 5'x8' on a 30' flagpole. Our Beacon® nylon USA flags fly spectacularly in gentle wind conditions. These nylon flags are perfect all-weather flags and dry quickly for maximum flying time. However, those looking for a strong, heavy-duty flag should consider our Patriarch® polyester US flags. These flags stay intact during harsh winds and severe weather. 


3. Can I fly two flags on a 30’ flagpole? 


Yes, you may fly more than one flag on your 30' flagpole. We recommend flying a 4'x6' paired with a 3'x5' flag to avoid damage to your pole. Remember that flying any state flag or military flag on top of your American flag violates the flag code. 


4. Can I fly my American flag at night? 


You may fly your American flag at all hours as long as you properly light it. Our wide selection of flagpole lighting means that you can choose from in-ground lights, solar lights, or wired lights. 


5. What maintenance is required for a 30’ flagpole? 


Our in-ground flagpoles require very little maintenance. However, you should frequently check your halyard rope and hardware and replace anything in disrepair immediately. Carrot-Top's flagpole repair kits give you everything you need to restore your flagpole. Check out our flagpole maintenance and repair guide for more tips for maintaining your flagpole's condition. 


Carrot-Top Industries: The Most Trusted Flag and Flagpole Provider 


Carrot-Top carries a huge selection of residential and commercial-grade flagpoles. While our in-ground aluminum flagpoles are some of our most popular, we carry many flagpoles and flagpole kits. Popular residential flagpoles include our sectional flagpole and telescoping flagpole, which you can adjust to any height between 9' and 20'. 

Are you looking for an extra tough flagpole? Our heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles have added wall thickness to withstand extra high winds. Whatever you are looking for, Carrot-Top has you covered! Check out online or fill out our contact us form to order your flagpole today! 

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