Flags Of Our Fathers Set - 4X6"

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The Flags of our fathers set comprises of 10 4x6" flags from our nation's past. This historic flag set is a great interactive teaching aid for students of any age. The flags featured in the set are the St. George's Cross, King's Colors, British Red Ensign, Continental, Gadsden, Grand Union, Betsy Ross, Bennington, Star Spangled Banner and 50-Star Old Glory. All flags are pre mounted on a black staff. The flag of our fathers set also includes a black base with mounting capabilities for an upright display of all 10 flags. The flag set is perfect for a classroom or office setting and its compact design allows it to sit on any flat surface with ease.


The Flags of our Fathers set is made up of 10 of the most influential flags in American history. The flags recount a tale of a nation from its discovery and its birth to what it is today.

Flags included in the set:

St. George's Cross - This flag features a lone Red cross on a white background and is the current National flag that represents England and Wales.

King's colors – Also known as the Grand union flag, is the banner under which the British colonization of America happened.

British Red Ensign – Also known as the ‘Red Duster', is the flag which was widely used by the British Navy during the 17th Century.

Continental – Also known as the New England flag uses the Red ensign and a Green New England pine tree. The Continental flag is said to have been flown by American troops at the battle of Bunker Hill with British troops.

Gadsden – Designed by Christopher Gadsden, this flag was said to have been the flag of American troops during the American Revolution. The flag featuring a coiled rattle snake on a yellow background is now iconic and often associated with libertarianism and the Tea party movement.

Grand union - This flag is the first flag of the colonists that resembles the American flag of today. The Grand union, sometimes called the Congress colors, is said to be the first unofficial national flag of the Nation.

Betsy Ross – The storied Betsy Ross flag is said to have been designed and commissioned to be made by a committee of three which included George Washington. The Betsy Ross flags is said to be one of the earliest national flags of America.

Bennington – The Bennington is a version of the American flag that is associated with the American Revolution and specially the Battle of Bennington from which it gets its name. The Bennington flag is easily identified by a large ‘76' on the blue plane or canton of the flag.

Star Spangled Banner – This flag is the original version of the National flag we know today. First raised in Fort McHenry in Baltimore after a pivotal victory against the British, The Star Spangled banner is what inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the lyrics to the National Anthem of this great nation.

50-Star Old Glory – The 50-Star old glory is the proud flag of our nation today. The flag is an improved and edited version of the original Star Spangled Banner.

For more information on each historic flag just follow the links!

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