7” Aluminum Eagle Flag Pole Topper

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Full Product Details for Our Eagle Flagpole Topper:

Enhance your indoor flag display with our 7” eagle flagpole toppers. These flagpole toppers feature a sleek gold finish made from solid aluminum. Their construction resists rusting and is ideal for long-term indoor flag displays. Decorate your office, school, or lobby with timeless indoor flag displays complete with our eagle flagpole topper.

  • Sturdy, long-lasting construction 
  • Includes a flagpole ferrule, used for attaching your ornament to the top of the flagpole 
  • Measures 8 3/4” with the ferrule included 
  • 7” wingspan

Why Buy an Eagle Flagpole Topper from Carrot-Top?  


Read on to learn if an eagle flagpole topper is right for you. 


Adds beauty and patriotism to any room 


Each eagle ornament provides a classic touch to any indoor flag display. Throughout American history, eagles have been used to symbolize patriotism, strength, courage, and freedom. Buy our eagle flagpole topper and you get more than just an accessory. You get a classic and timeless American eagle that is excellent for formal decor.  


Practical construction 


Our eagle finials are made from glistening aluminum that holds up nicely indoors. Like all our flagpole toppers, our metal eagles include a ferrule. These are used to attach your ornament to your flagpole top in the absence of a top ornament adapter and measure 3” in height.  


Goes with any indoor flag set 


These flagpole finial ornaments match virtually every indoor flag and flagpole set. Pair with any of our indoor American, military, or state flags to create impressive indoor flag displays that complement the gold fringe. Many of our indoor flag sets and flagpole kits include a plastic flagpole eagle topper, not an aluminum one. Those who want an upgraded flagpole topper should order this product. You can also purchase this component as a replacement part for our deluxe indoor U.S. flag set, where an aluminum eagle flagpole topper is already included.  


Frequently Asked Questions About Flagpole Toppers 


Fill out our contact us form if you have additional questions about our flagpole toppers. 


1. What does the eagle on top of a flagpole mean? 


The bald eagle is our nation’s bird and symbolizes freedom, strength, and American identity. Its popularity dates back to ancient Rome. 


2. Can I use this flagpole topper for a flagpole not purchased from Carrot-Top?  


Yes, you can use any of our flagpole toppers for an existing indoor flagpole. However, if buying for an existing flagpole, please contact our Flag Pros for assistance choosing the right adapter.  


3. What flagpole should I pair with my eagle flagpole topper?  


Our eagle flagpole toppers attach to any of our indoor flagpoles, including our Majestic™ indoor telescoping flagpoles or a solid indoor oak flagpole 


4. How do I order my flagpole topper?  


To order an eagle top for your flag, enter the number of units desired and click the "add to cart" button. Please fill out our contact us form if you need help with checkout. 


Mix and Match Flags and Flagpole Toppers!  


The gold eagle finial is not the only flagpole topper for sale! Carrot-Top carries an impressive selection of ball ornaments, crosses, spears, and more. Check out our flagpole topper category page for the full selection. You can find other quality flagpole accessories, such as floor stands, cords, tassels, and more, when shopping online. 


Need to Purchase a Full Indoor Flag Set?  


Carrot-Top carries many indoor flag sets to meet your needs. Our Majestic™ telescoping flagpole sets have everything you need to create spectacular indoor flag displays. Get a gold-fringe US flag, flag stand, eagle topper, adjustable telescopic flagpole, and tassel when you order online today.

Those looking for a more affordable indoor flag set should consider our value U.S. indoor flag set. This set includes basic components such as a plastic eagle topper, a gold-plated floor stand, a nylon USA flag, and a wood-grained flagpole. Check out our indoor U.S. flag set category page for the full list of options. 


Shop Our Indoor and Outdoor Flagpoles! 


Carrot-Top has everything you need to create indoor flag displays that will impress for years. Our selection of commercial-grade flags and flagpoles is why we’re one of the most trusted flag retailers for businesses and government agencies. Shop online to view our signature selection of products, including our Beacon® Nylon American Flag, the preferred all-weather flag for our customers. Fill out our contact us form and our Flag Pros can help you choose the right products for your business. 

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