Cleat Cover Box With Halyard Channel

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Cleat cover box with a halyard channel. The best way to ensure that your outdoor flag display is safe, the cleat lock box is designed to be placed over a cleat and halyard and limits access to you flag, ensuring that your flag is not stolen or vandalized.

The halyard channel is designed to be placed above the cleat cover box on the flagpole and on top of the halyard to protect the halyard rope from being cut and the flag being raised or lowered. For more information read the description tab below.


The cleat cover box and halyard channel is your best option for security on and external halyard outdoor flagpole. Our lock boxes limit access to the cleat area on your flagpole and the halyard channel covers the halyard rope preventing it from being cut or tampered with.

The cleat lock boxes are made of solid aluminum with a satin finish and are completely rust-proof. The lock boxes are available in small, medium and large sizes. The small box is recommended to be used with flagpoles that have a diameter of 4" and smaller and the medium cleat cover box is ideal for use with flagpole with a diameter between 5"-6". The large cleat cover boxes are designed to be used with flagpoles with a diameter measuring 7"-12". Each lock box comes with the halyard channel which is able to accommodate all rope sizes and measures 5' in length.

For any questions regarding the cleat cover box and halyard channel give us a call. Our dedicated experts are ready to any question you might have!

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