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Full Products Details of our Indoor U.S. Flag Set - Majestic™: 

This indoor U.S. flagset creates timeless displays in any setting. Perfect for classrooms, courtrooms, offices, and auditoriums, our Majestic™ indoor flag set gives you everything you need to show off your American flag. Now available in two sizes and three finishes. This flag set includes a telescopic flagpole that you can adjust based on the room size. See the bullet points for more information:

  • Comes in two flag sizes: 3’x5’ and 4’x6’ 
  • Includes a Beacon® nylon flag lined with beautiful gold fringe, a gold cord with a 5” tassel, an ornamental gold-finished eagle, and a weighted flag stand for stability  
  • Telescopic pole can be adjusted to any size between 5’ and 9’ 
  • Available in three pole colors: chrome, gold, and wood grained 
  • Suitable for indoor display, parade use, and short-term outdoor displays 


Why Buy a Majestic™ Indoor American Flag Set?  

Carrot-Top’s Majestic™ Indoor U.S. Flag Sets are complete display sets, so you can set up your American flag wherever you need. They also offer ample flexibility. Simply twist and lock your flagpole to achieve any height between 5’ and 9’. The tapered 7/8” diameter top can hold any of our ornaments without an adaptor. Switch out the eagle topper for a cross, ball, or other shapes for a custom display.  

Components Included 

Please note included accessories will come with a finish matching the flagpole you selected.


Don’t Need the Full Set? Check Out Our Selection of Indoor United States Flags  


Carrot-Top carries a stunning selection of indoor American flags. Purchase separately or as part of an indoor US flag set. When you purchase our indoor USA flags, you get a stunning flag that lasts for years indoors. Each flag features sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and vibrant colors. To replace your flag, simply slide the old flag off your flagpole and then attach your new flag by slipping the flagpole through the lined pole hem. All of our indoor US flags are made in the USA.

Indoor Flag Set Frequently Asked Questions  


See a question we didn’t answer regarding our indoor American flag and pole kit? Fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro.  


  1. What height should I set my indoor flag display at? 


When placing your indoor U.S. flag set, please allow at least 6” of ceiling clearance. To extend the telescopic pole to its full height, you will need a ceiling clearance of at least 9’6” to fit the eagle ornament. A standard room size, such as a home or office, has a ceiling of around 8’. For those rooms, we recommend setting your telescopic pole to 7’. 


  1. What are the rules for flying an American flag indoors?


When displaying your American flag indoors, always keep the stars facing forward. On a stage, your flag should be to the speaker’s right (audience’s left) and the left of all other flags, especially state and military flags. This indicates the superior position of the American flag.  


  1. Can I place my indoor US flag set outdoors? 


We would not recommend using this indoor U.S. flag set for long-term outdoor displays. The added decorative elements, such as the gold fringe and the tassel, are not meant for exposure to the elements. However, our indoor flags make elegant parade flags and short-term outdoor displays during clear, non-windy weather. 


  1. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor flags?


Outdoor American flags can withstand harsh weather for months. These flags feature rust-resistant brass grommets and a strong canvas header. This differs from our indoor flags, which are constructed with lightweight material and a lined pole sleeve for easy attachment to the indoor flagpole. 


  1. Can I purchase a different ornament for my indoor U.S. flag set?


Yes, our Majestic™ flagpoles are compatible with any of our flagpole toppers. Choose from our massive selection of indoor flag toppers in various finishes to find what you need. In addition to our plastic eagles, we sell spear toppers, guidon toppers, crosses, spears, ball toppers, and more! See our flagpole toppers category page for our full list of options. 


  1. What is the purpose of a flag spreader?

A flag spreader allows you to fully display the design of your flag using adjustable arms and clips anywhere on the flag. Flag spreaders are perfect for those looking to enhance the beauty of their indoor flag display.  


  1. What other indoor flag sets does Carrot-Top sell? 


If you are looking for an alternative indoor flag set, we recommend our indoor American flag set with the jointed oak flagpole. While not adjustable like our telescopic set, this set comes in several sizes to fit the proportions of your room. Choose between the standard set and the deluxe if you want higher-quality components. We also carry value US flag sets if you are looking to save money on your flagpole set. Our mounted American classroom flags are great for use in the school or classroom. See our indoor US flag set category page for the full list of options. 


Why Buy from Carrot-Top?   


Carrot-Top Industries has over 40 years of experience specializing in flags and other decorative patriotic products. During our time in business, we have amassed thousands of five-star reviews and have become the most trusted flag provider for schools, businesses, and government agencies. Beyond our indoor flags, we also sell stick flags, historical flags, custom flags, and more! Our Beacon® nylon outdoor American flags remain a customer favorite due to their all-weather construction. 

To start your indoor flag order, select your size and quantity, hit add to cart, and checkout. Our Flag Pros are here to help you if you require additional assistance. Fill out our contact us form to reach them. 


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