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Nylon American Flag - Beacon®

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$24.99 to $8,199.99

Full Products Details of our Beacon® Nylon American Flags: 

  • Tailored with premium 200 denier nylon
  • Fitted with strong canvas header and two grommets
  • Embroidered stars with back-stitch reinforcement
  • Sewn stripes with interlocking stitching and reinforced, two-stitch fly ends to prevent fraying
  • Covered by industry's best six-month guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Why Buy our Premium Brand Beacon® Nylon Flag?

Advantages of our Beacon® Nylon Flags

Our durable, heavy-duty Nylon American flags are carefully constructed to ensure they have a bold appearance and are built to last. These U.S. flags are crafted from premium, fade-resistant nylon to ensure that the sun does not take its toll on your display. Our Nylon outdoor American flags feature reinforced stitching and are backed by our 6-month guarantee against defects, fading, and tearing. Beacon® Nylon Flags are the best all-around outdoor flag that is ideal for long-term outdoor use in all weather conditions. 

Our Nylon American Flags are Great for Multiple Displays!

Carrot-Top Beacon® Nylon American flags are great for both indoor and outdoor displays! These popular flags are most commonly found in government buildings, police and fire departments, schools, businesses, and various residential areas. Our Nylon American Flags are great for outdoor display or to make sure your indoor flag is looking great. These American made flags are a great way to put your patriotism on display, wherever you may be!

Why buy from Carrot-Top?

Our expert Customer Care Representatives are backed by more than forty years of experience and expertise in the flag industry. We are able to ensure you are getting high-quality, long-lasting products that are backed by our exceptional customer service and select warranties. Carrot-Top carries a variety of American made military flags, POW/MIA flags, state flags, stick flags, custom flags and so many more great flags, flagpoles, flag kits, and other products to choose from!

What is the ideal Flagpole Hight for Different Flag sizes? 

Flag SizeIdeal Flagpole Height
3x5 Ft American FlagA 15- to 20-foot flagpole  is recommended by our experts for a 3x5 ft. American Flag
5x8 Ft American FlagA 30- to 35-foot flagpole  is recommended for a 5x8 ft. American Flag
4x6 Ft American FlagA 25-foot flagpole is the ideal recommended for a 4x6 ft. American Flag
6x10 Ft American FlagA thirty five- to forty-foot flagpole  is the recommended height for a 6x10 ft. American Flag
8x12 Ft American FlagCarrot-Top experts recommend a fifty-foot flagpole to be paired with an 8x 12 ft. American Flag
10x15 Ft American FlagA 10x15 ft. American Flag is recommended to be paired with a sixty-foot flagpole
12x18 Ft American FlagCarrot-Top's 12x18 ft. American Flags are ideally paired with a flagpole that is at least seventy-feet tall
2x3 Ft American FlagThese flags are typically displayed on or near homes or other buildings. A 2x3 ft. American flag would be perfect to put your patriotism on display anywhere!
15x25 FT American FlagOur 15x25 ft. American Flags are recommended to be on a flagpole at least seventy-feet tall to ensure the best longevity for the flag on display
20x30 Ft American FlagFor a 20x30 ft. American Flag, Carrot-Top experts would recommend a flagpole at least 80 ft. tall
5x9.5 Ft American FlagA 5x9.5 ft. American Flag, our experts recommend a flagpole at least forty-feet tall
2.5x4 Ft American FlagThese 2.5x4 ft. American flags are ideal for display around or in your home, and to honor those who have fallen at a cemetery. They are ideally displayed on a flagpole measuring anywhere from 5 feet tall to 25-feet tall.
10x19 Ft American FlagA sixty-five-foot flagpole is recommended to display a 10x19 ft. American Flag
20x38 Ft American FlagAn eighty-foot flagpole is recommended by our Carrot-Top experts for a 20x38 ft. American flag to ensure that you get the best life out of your flag
50x80 Ft American FlagIf you’re looking to display a large flag, such as the 50x80 ft. American flag, Carrot-Top experts advise that those flags be flown on a flagpole that measures at least 100 ft. In height to ensure the best longevity for your flags.
25x40 Ft American FlagA 25x40 Ft. American flag is recommended to be displayed on a 100 ft. flagpole
30x50 American FlagThe shortest flagpole recommended to display a 30x50 ft. American Flag would be a 100 ft. Pole. We recommend a pole anywhere between 100 and 120 feet in height to ensure the best possible longevity for your flags.
30x60 Ft American FlagCarrot-Top experts recommend flagpoles between 130 and 150 feet in height for a flag measuring 30x60 ft. American Flag
15X25 Ft American FlagFor an American flag measuring 15x25 ft. In size, we recommend a flagpole at least seventy feet in height to ensure the best longevity when putting your flags on display.

Are You Looking for a Flag for Areas with a stronger wind? 

 The Patriarch® line of Polyester American flags from Carrot-Top is made in the USA out of Patriarch® polyester material—a Carrot-Top exclusive! Our polyester USA flags are designed for use in coastal areas and in locations with high winds and extreme weather conditions. These polyester American flags are designed with care to detail and quality. They feature brightly saturated colors that are resistant to fading—even with daily use. Sewn stripes provide extra reinforcement against the elements. These heavy-duty flags are sure to make a statement wherever they are displayed.

Reach out to our Flag Specialists Today!

Have questions about any of our flags or flagpoles? Our experienced Carrot-Top Customer Care Representatives are here to help you display the old glory today!  Contact us today! Let us help you get your flag display looking great today!


Our Beacon® nylon fabric is built for long-term outdoor use. These heavy-duty flags are crafted with strong, durable nylon that dries in moments and waves effortlessly in the slightest breeze. Carrot-Top's Beacon® Nylon U.S. flags are built with superior craftsmanship and are some of the longest-lasting flags available in the industry today. 

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