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Annin Flagmakers: the World’s Oldest Flag Manufacturer

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October 12, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PDT October 12, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PDTth, October 12, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PDT

Whether they are the richest flagmakers is not sure, but they are certainly the oldest! Annin Flagmakers is a flag manufacturing company that has been around since 1847. Indeed, this company has almost seen it all. From Lincoln’s inauguration to the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, Annin Flagmakers' flags have made their mark in the US and world history.  


Let’s take a closer look at the impressive Annin storyline!  


Annin Flagmakers’ Portfolio  


Annin Flagmakers is a family-owned company in its essence even today, though it has become a huge corporation. Nowadays, it is located both in Roseland, New Jersey and South Boston, Virginia. Yes, these flags are made in America! 


The flag-making corporation was founded in 1847 by Alexander Annin and its range of products includes American flags and state flags. Yet, after the Charleston church shooting, the company stopped with the production of the Confederate flag. 


As for the world coverage, Annin also makes flags of all UN members.  


How Annin Operates?  


Annin Flagmakers is defined as a wholesaler. Namely, they have a network of independent dealers that sell their flags. Also, mass-market retailing chains are their sellers too.  


The company is owned by the Beard and Dennis families. The CEO and vice president are well into their sixth decade, but they still successfully manage over 500 employees.  


As for the revenues, it is estimated that the flag sales cash in between $75 and $100 million every year.  


How It All Began  


As we’ve previously mentioned, the company was created by Alexander Annin. At first, he started a ship chandler business but turned solely to flag manufacturing in 1847.  


Interestingly, the store’s prominent location at 99-101 Fulton Street in the Big Apple became known as the “Old Glory Corner”. Nevertheless, as production was increasing, a new location on the corner of 16th Street was opened and it remained in Manhattan until 1960 when the company finally moved to New Jersey.  


How did Annin Flagmakers become so successful? The secret to the family business is probably best known to today’s owners, but there have been several occasions that have helped the sales.  


The first one is very unfortunate — the Civil War. In the 1860s, the US Signal Corps ordered the flags from Annin Flagmakers. As a result, all states, towns, and cities loyal to the Union sent their orders to the same address.  


The First World War meant an increased demand for American flags too. The war sales are responsible for eventually building a modern, five-story production facility in 1918. Secondly, even though there was a huge fire in the old location before the official move, Annin’s property was spared.  


New Century Brings More Success  


In the 21st century, the company kept growing as well. Annin Flagmakers keep opening new manufacturing facilities and it also invests a lot in modernization. For instance, their financial reporting was transformed in 2003 with the SAP ERP software, which was quite a breakthrough after getting rid of the Qantel MRP system. The new system enabled better planning on several levels.  


As for production, they had their own revolution in 2006 when the sewing process in factories turned into team-based unit production cells. The new standing positions apparently improved workers’ health and motivation along with the revenues.  


Besides the long history and flag production, Annin Flagmakers is special for another reason. The company is one of the founders of the FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America), which focuses on manufacturing American flags in America.  


Historical Milestones  


Some of the most memorable moments from Annin Flagmakers’ long history involve the following:


- Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration and draping of his casket.  


- Queen Victoria ordered flags from Annin for the Great Exhibit of the Works of Industry of All Nations in 1851. The event is usually referred to as the first World’s Fair.  


- Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883.  


- Commander Robert E. Peary and Rear Admiral Richard Bird took Annin flags with them to the North Pole expedition.  


- The Annin flag was the first flag flying on Iwo Jima in 1945 (on Mt. Suribachi).  


- NASA is another loyal customer. Annin flags have decorated the Moon’s surface in 1969 (Apollo 11 mission). They have been included in other missions afterward too.  


- The Field of Remembrance at Battery Park, New York, was decorated with Annin flags too to mark the 10th Anniversary of September 11th.  


Annin Flagmakers  


Annin Flagmakers has come a long way from a small family company to the biggest flag manufacturer. Admittedly, the company has had impressive clients from the very beginning, and it has succeeded not only in maintaining its reputation through the centuries, but in keeping in touch with the latest trends and taking bold innovative measures. 


All things considered, Annin American Flagmakers is certainly one of the most impressive embodiments of the American dream: bold, innovative, and staying true to their nature, i.e., remaining a family-owned business. These made in USA flags are sure to impress with their heavyweight construction! 


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