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The Top 6 Tallest Flagpoles in the World

Humanity is constantly striving reaching new heights in the form of taller buildings, bridges, and more. Since everyone loves watching a flag wave proudly in the breeze atop a flagpole, it’s no wonder that countries across the world have sought to earn the honor of housing the world’s tallest flagpole. If you’ve ever walked by a flagpole and wondered where the tallest flagpole in the world was located, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the six tallest flagpoles currently and where you can expect to see the newest (and tallest) flagpoles in the future.

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The Meaning of an Upside Down American Flag

Traditionally, the meaning of an upside-down American flag has always been that the person displaying the flag in this manner is in grave danger or distress, be it life danger or the danger to their property. Ultimately, the upside-down American flag is typically seen as a signal of dire distress. Nowadays, though, you may have heard about instances of flying the Old Glory upside down but the circumstances are not associated with war or immediate danger.

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Announcing our Spring 2022 Beacon® Scholarship for Rural America Winners

Maria Pytlik of Brainard, Nebraska, and Payton Deichler of Utopia, Texas, are the recipients of the Spring 2022 Beacon® Scholarship for Rural America, a scholarship introduced by Carrot-Top Industries in 2018.

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