Town Of Egremont's First Official Flag

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July 22, 2013 at 3:09:00 PM PDT July 22, 2013 at 3:09:00 PM PDTnd, July 22, 2013 at 3:09:00 PM PDT

***UPDATE***  The town of Egremont in Massachusetts sent a flag to Wirral to be flown and announce the forthcoming Egremont Festival in Wallasey. Check out this video and article!


Have you ever wondered what your town or city flag design symbolizes? Why were the colors chosen and is there any historical significance?


At Carrot-Top Industries, we work closely with cities and towns across the country to create flags that represent their history and culture. In April, Lydia, one of our experienced customer service representatives worked with Susan Bachelder, secretary of the Egremont Historical Commission, and created a custom town flag for the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House. The Great Hall is the largest room in the State House and it has flags representing the 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. The Massachusetts Art Commission wanted to complete the collection by the 20th anniversary of the flag display program in June 2014. The Commission contacted the Town of Egremont and eleven other towns without a flag in the Great Hall and encouraged them to submit one. Egremont did not have an official town flag yet, so they had to create one. 



More than happy to help, Lydia started gathering the details that were required for the flag to match the current flags on display. Susan said the town would have to submit a 4x6’ double-sided digitally imprinted nylon flag finished with a pole sleeve. Once Carrot-Top Industries had the specifications, we were able to deliver a quote to the town in 24 hours and then we began designing a new town flag.


While designing the flag, Susan spent time researching the history behind the town seal. The seal includes a shield of Lord Egremont after whom the community was named. The colors; red, white and blue, were selected to represent the American flag. The design includes a light blue field at the top representing the blue of the original colors of Egremont England. There are three joined white chevrons: a smaller white chevron in the middle representing Baldwin Hill and the two larger chevrons, to signify North and South Egremont on either side, and the dark blue field at the bottom represents the shield of Massachusetts. Each detail was specifically chosen to highlight the town’s pride in their history and place in our nation based on the classic rules of flag design.


By May, the order was finalized and sent out to our production team. Standard production time is about 2 weeks plus delivery for custom flags. Once delivered, the State Senator Benjamin B. Downing and State Representative William Pignatelli presented the Town of Egremont’s new, official flag to Bureau of State Office Buildings (BSB) Superintendent Tammy Kraus at the Massachusetts State House on June 18th! One down and eleven to go!




Working with Susan to create the Town of Egremont’s flag for the 20th anniversary of the state’s collection was an amazing experience. It’s not every day we have the opportunity to help a community design and create a new symbol for their town. If you are interested in creating a design for your city, town or school’s flags, banners, or mats, our experienced customer service representatives are here to help. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you stand out and represent your organization. Call us (800.628.3524), or request a custom quote online today!


Town of Plainfield Designs First Town Flag (April 23, 2014 Update)

With the 20th Anniversary of the flag collection for the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House quickly approaching, the Town of Plainfield has completed their first flag. Designed by Jim Feeley, pictured with the flag to the left, the colors and patterns in the flag represent Plainfield's beautiful landscape and history in agriculture. Though the town has no more than 600 residents year round it will be proudly represented in the Hall of Flags.