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Great Graduation Memories Come From Proper Planning

Written by
Tina Williamson
Published on
March 9, 2020 at 8:26:00 PM PDT March 9, 2020 at 8:26:00 PM PDTth, March 9, 2020 at 8:26:00 PM PDT

We all remember when we graduated. Whether it is high school or college graduation memories, we recall a sense of accomplishment, surrounded by friends and family, celebrating a major life milestone reached. The sights and sounds of the day are never forgotten, and we take them into the future with us and fondly reminisce about our graduation experience. As high schools and colleges across the country prepare for upcoming graduation ceremonies, it is time to start planning what tasks need to be completed and what graduation décor needs to be refreshed or ordered. Use our graduation ceremony checklist below and make a once-in-a-lifetime impression that will stay with the graduates and their loved ones for years to come!

Graduation Ceremony Checklist

  1. Choose and reserve a facility for the graduation ceremony
  2. Request faculty participation in commencement activities
  3. Coordinate with your city so they can prepare for extra visitors and traffic expected on graduation day (crowd control and safety efforts, beautify city with street banners and flags, provide additional directional and lodging information, etc.)
  4. Determine if students are needed to assist with the graduation ceremony (on stage for the ceremony or in the crowd to hand out programs, help people to seats, set up/clean-up of seats, tables, decorations)
  5. Have working Lectern Podiums and PA Systems for the ceremony
  6. Confirm A/V equipment works
  7. Prepare and review special visual presentations (ex: slide shows, videos, etc.)
  8. Organize and prepare special awards and certificates
  9. Order or print out diplomas, check spelling of names and put in alphabetical order
  10. Order refreshments for the ceremony
  11. Confirm graduates have their gown, cap and tassel
  12. Order honor cords and confirm which graduates will receive them
  13. Create graduation program and proof that all names are spelled correctly
  14. Create faculty nametags
  15. Schedule graduation practice to ensure graduates know what order to stand in and how the ceremony will proceed
  16. Confirm the ceremony location is set up and all decorations are in place such as:
  17. a. A backdrop for the ceremony stage
  18. b. U.S. Flags, State Flags, City Flags, School Flags, Flag Stands and Flagpoles
  19. c. Ceremonial Banner and Oak Pole Sets
  20. d. Podium Banners and Decals
  21. Make sure you have enough seats for graduates, faculty and graduate friends and family
  22. Create a check-in system for graduates and their family and friends with:
  23. a. Check-In Tables
  24. b. Pop-Up & Canopy Tents
  25. c. Street Banners (decorate your lightpoles with your school logo/slogan or to direct traffic or identify buildings to help visitors know where to go)
  26. Confirm housekeeping has cleaned the ceremony facility and bathrooms are well stocked with supplies
  27. Review parking plan for faculty, graduates and visitors to determine if directional signs are needed
  28. Ensure Trash Cans and Entrance Mats are available to keep the graduation facility clean
  29. Confirm there are signs, Crowd Control and Safety Barriers to maintain order and flow of traffic during the event

Your graduation ceremony is a reflection of your school and can ensure school pride is felt throughout the crowd. Take the time to confirm that you have everything you need for the ceremony to run smoothly and help make lasting memories for the graduates and visitors. Customizing your graduation décor on the stage and throughout the facility with your school logo or slogan is a great way to personalize the event. Our Customer Care Professionals have experience planning graduation ceremonies and can assist you in determining what you need for your special day. Reach out to us by phone at 800-628-3524, emailor schedule a convenient time for a graduation ceremony planning consultation through Contact Our Team