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How to Celebrate the Army’s Birthday on June 14th

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April 11, 2024 at 10:14:24 AM PDT April 11, 2024 at 10:14:24 AM PDTth, April 11, 2024 at 10:14:24 AM PDT

America stands as a proud and distinguished nation, thanks in large part to the bravery and valor of our military. The men and women who serve in our armed forces dedicate their lives to preserving our freedoms. Over one million serve as part of our Army, making it the largest and most recognizable branch of our military.  


To celebrate their service to our nation, we commemorate the U.S. Army’s birthday on June 14th, a day filled with meaning. This day is also Flag Day, which celebrates the adoption of Old Glory as the United States Flag. 


Understanding the rich history behind the Army allows us to have a deeper appreciation for its role in keeping our country safe. You can showcase your pride and respect for the United States Army with a stunning and vibrant U.S. Army flag


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Why Did the U.S. Army Form?  


The origins of America’s modern Army date back to 1775 when the Revolutionary War forced colonists to take up arms against incoming British troops. Before the war, America relied on a militia system to defend the colonies. Compared to British forces, which tended to be disciplined and well-trained, the American militia lacked organization and was believed to be no match for the British. As the British approached Lexington and Concord, the colonies sent word requesting experienced soldiers to join the fight. 


The appeal came before the Second Continental Congress, which voted to form the Continental Army on June 14, 1775. While many believed that a rag-tag group of rebels could never successfully stand against Britain, these soldiers had the backing of the United Colonies and a leader who would help redefine history: George Washington. 


What Role Did the U.S. Army Play in the American Revolution?  


At first, the Continental Army struggled to gain ground against the British due to the size of the enemy’s army and harsh weather conditions. However, as time progressed, they began earning the respect of their opponents, an act many militias failed to obtain. 


The battle in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, in 1778 would become the turning point, evolving the group into a true Army. Here, the U.S. Army pushed back British troops, forcing them to return to New York and cementing Washington’s role as Commander in Chief. 


For years, the U.S. Army fought for American liberty against England, helping lead the country to victory and our place as a sovereign nation. In 1783, Congress disbanded the bulk of the Continental Army, keeping only a few soldiers at West Point and Fort Pitt. However, within two years, the Army was reinstated as uprisings between frontiersmen and native Americans required the help of a strong national defense.  


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The U.S. Army Today  


Not only is the U.S. Army the first established branch of the country’s armed forces, but it boasts the honor of being the largest branch of the U.S. military. Today, there are over one million active duty and Army reserve soldiers. In fact, if it was a city, the Army would be the 10th largest in the nation! Five purposes encompass the Army’s mission as defined by the Department of Defense in the U.S. Code Title 10 Section 7062; they include:  


  • To preserve security, peace, and defense for the U.S., its commonwealth, and all areas it occupies.  
  • Support national policies  
  • Implement national objectives  
  • Overcome any nation that acts aggressively toward the U.S.  


The Army’s core mission never wavers, but it’s constantly updating and evolving its strategies. From the Civil War to World War II and beyond, the Army has been a constant presence of strength and power, defending the ideals of our nation. Do you want to learn new and interesting facts about the Army? Check out our blog post, “Top 10 Interesting Facts About the U.S. Army!”  


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What Are Some Events That Take Place on the Army’s Birthday?  


Celebrate the Army’s birthday at the Army Birthday Festival at the National Army Museum in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. There’s fun for the whole family, with music by the U.S. Army Band, bounce houses, and numerous outdoor activities. Some of the excitement you can expect includes a working dog demonstration, cake cutting, parachute jump by the Golden Knights, and more!  


Other Ways to Celebrate the Army’s Birthday  


If you’re unable to attend the Army Birthday Festival, there are other ways you can celebrate the Army’s birthday. You can visit any of the Army museums nationwide, where can get to know the stories of soldiers throughout the years and see the Army’s role in defending the country. 


You can also pay your respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Show your appreciation for the soldier in your life with an Army Retired Flag, which makes the perfect gift for any U.S. Army veteran. You can also visit a soldier’s gravesite and plant a Army cemetery flag or place a bronze army grave marker


Honor the U.S Army with Carrot-Top  


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