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Carrot-Top’s Most Wanted: 15 Of Our Most Popular Products To Consider Adding To Your Shopping Cart Or Wish List

As Americans, we enjoy reading lists such as the Consumer Reports Best Products list, New York Times Best Sellers list and Billboard’s Hot 100 list.Perhaps our attraction to these lists is that they give us insights into products and services valued by others. After all, in a free enterprise system that bombards us with choices, ranked lists help us to quickly identify “the best of the best” products and services so we can narrow the selection field. Below is a list of Carrot-Top Industries’ most popular products. As you review this list, do you see any “must-have” flag-related products that you would like to add to either your shopping cart or wish list?

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5 Steps To Select The Best Flagpole For Your Display

Much like when considering the purchase of a new vehicle, shopping for a new flagpole requires research, planning and forethought. To simplify the process, below is a five-step guide to help you decide which flagpole best meets the needs of your environment and the desired “look” of your flag display.

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Great Graduation Memories Come From Proper Planning

We all remember when we graduated. Whether it is high school or college graduation memories, we recall a sense of accomplishment, surrounded by friends and family, celebrating a major life milestone reached. The sights and sounds of the day are never forgotten, and we take them into the future with us and fondly reminisce about our graduation experience. As high schools and colleges across the country prepare for upcoming graduation ceremonies, it is time to start planning what tasks need to be completed and what graduation décor needs to be refreshed or ordered. Use our graduation ceremony checklist below and make a once-in-a-lifetime impression that will stay with the graduates and their loved ones for years to come!

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