Texas Flag: A Complete History from 1839 to Date

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The Lone Star state is famous for having had six flags of different countries hanging on its flagpoles. At last, the US flag was erected high and it flies high to the present day. However, the state flag has an unusual history of its own, so we’ll take a closer look at the history of the Texas state flag from 1839 to the present moment.


Original Lone Star Flag

Period: 1839-1846

The flag from 1939, which is very much like the current version, was the third flag in the Republic of Texas period, and it finally remained from then on. The flag with the single star was adopted on January 25th, 1839.


It is precisely this flag that earned the state its nickname — the Lone Star. Nobody knows who exactly designed the flag, but there is no doubt about what virtues the colors stand for. Red symbolizes bravery, white color stands for purity, while blue represents loyalty.


The US Flag

Period: 1846-1847

In 1846, Texas joined the Union as the state with the biggest area of land so far. Thus, the US flag with twenty-eight stars was raised on February 19th, 1846.


Yet, this flag was active for only one year as Iowa was approved to join and this called for another star to be added to the flag.


Succession Flag of Texas

Period: 1861


The unofficial flag variant with fifteen stars, resembling fifteen slave stats, was flying on poles as well but it was in no way an official Texas state flag.


The CS Flag

Period: 1861-1865


While the Confederation flag was flying high over Texas plains with its seven stars, this still did not affect the original Lone Star flag. Admittedly, there were a dozen of different flags flying over Texas during the Civil War, but neither affected the original.


No changes were made to the initial design, so we can say that the Texas flag remained the same during this period.


Texas Flag After the Civil War

Period: 1865-1879

Having rejoined the Union after the Civil War and Reconstruction, the state of Texas flew the Star-Spangled Banner once again. However, no changes once again were made to the original state flag with one star.


The US Flag Becomes the State Flag

Period: 1879-1933


Owing to the Revised Civil Statutes of 1879, anything that was not particularly renewed in Texas was considered annulled. Basically, the law repealed all statutes that were not renewed in a certain way.


Consequently, the state of Texas remained without its official state flag for over fifty years! Despite the fact the Lone Star flag could have been seen as Texans continued to rise it, the historical fact remains that the state of Texas did not officially possess a flag of its own during this period.


The only official state flag during this period was the official American flag.


Lone Star Flag Rises Again

Period: 1933- present


Formally, the traditional Texas state flag with a single white star was officially adopted in 1933, when the looks of the Texas state flag were defined. The Texas Flag Code was updated again in 2001.


Bonus Flag: Centennial Flag of Texas

Year: 1936


This flag was made just so as to mark the 100 years of Texas independence. The 1936 Centennial Exposition was the world’s fair and it was held with the purpose of celebrating the independence of Texas.


This flag is extremely different from the Lone Star and it was presented only during this period. Naturally, the Texas state flag was not changed, but the Centennial Flag is still worth mentioning.

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