The Ultimate Guide to Displaying Your Flag

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How to Display the American Flag Outside? 


With this comprehensive guide, you'll be able to display the American Flags proudly and observe flag holidays with the utmost respect for our nation's banner. Flying your country's flag is an important part of patriotism. In this article, we provide information on how to display practice proper etiquette when using Old Glory in a public place.


How to Display a US Flag?


The American flag should be displayed on buildings and outdoor stationary flagstaffs at all times. The best way to show your patriotism is by making sure that you're able to display this symbol 24 hours a day. When projected horizontally or at an angle from a windowsill or front of a building, the union should be placed on top to show respect for our country. When flags are half-staffed, it means that we're lowering them as well so avoid doing this unless necessary because it is not good form!


Having the Old Glory in front of your home, on one of your walls or windows is a truly patriotic act. You can have it displayed at all times, or perhaps during federal holidays. Still, do you know how to display the American flag outside properly when it’s stormy, or which one comes first, the state or the US flag?  


We’re going to answer these and other questions right now.


Keep the Flag’s Good Looks


For a flag to inspire awe and show off your dedication, the Stars and Stripes must look presentable. In other words, take good care of your flag, regardless of where it is displayed.


Wash and dry the flag according to the instructions. When drying the flag, make sure to do so by paying respect to it at the same time. First and foremost, you had better choose the right material for your flag, and the suitable size.


In addition to the flag’s appearance, you should also take proper care of the ropes and the flagpole, if you have one. The flagpole should regularly be inspected for any signs of rust and cleaned with recommended liquids.


When and How to Display the US Flag Outside?


From sunrise to sunset — that’s the good old rule about when the flag is hoisted up, but what if you are far from the early bird? The good news is that the US flag may remain flying even at night if it is properly illuminated.


This is the final touch since there are a few things to have in mind before even installing a flagpole. Firstly, you should visit the local office dealing with building and construction to see if your conditions match the local laws and regulations. You will most probably be required to provide clear space where the flagpole will be installed, so there are no obstacles for the flag to fly freely.


Finally, it almost goes without saying that the stars should be to the right of the flagpole. Bear in mind the mourning days too, especially Memorial Day when the flag is lowered on half-staff only until noon and then hoisted back up.


What Is the Best Way to Display the Flag Indoors?


Regardless of whether you are going to demonstrate your patriotic feelings on the wall, the window, or place the flag in a glass box, one rule is set in stone: the Union with the stars should be on the observer’s left. Therefore, if you decide to hang a flag on the window during federal or state holidays, the image may look reversed to you when watching it from the inside. Nevertheless, the Union should be to the left of the observer who is watching from the street.


The same applies no matter if the flag is displayed horizontally or vertically. Also, unless it is folded, the flag should be displayed flat.


Now, if a flag is to be displayed in a hall or corridor, the Union, once again, should be to the left of the person who is entering. In cases when there are multiple entrances and corridors, then the Union is facing north in an east/west corridor, or east, in a north/south corridor.


How to Display the American Flag Outside the Car?


The flag is not to be hanging out of its windows, but you can fix the flag staff firmly to the chassis or clamp it to the right fender.


To the Left and Superior at All Times


The American flag should always be positioned in a way that demonstrates its highest authority when other flags are involved. Hence, it will always be displayed to the left of the observer’s eye, and the rest of the flags shall follow (a state flag, military flag, a company flag, or a flag of some other country). Another way to show its dominance is to hoist the Old Glory on a higher flagpole, or for it to be of a bigger size than the rest.

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