What Do We Celebrate On Navy Day?

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November 12, 2021 at 2:05:37 PM PST November 12, 2021 at 2:05:37 PM PSTth, November 12, 2021 at 2:05:37 PM PST

There are quite a few possible answers to this question and all of them bear some truth, making the Navy Day a special military and national holiday. Since the US Navy is famous for being the strongest Navy in the world, we could easily classify Navy Day as the global holiday.

Since it has such a huge impact, let’s take a closer look at what exactly is being celebrated on October 27th.

Being Number One

The US has an amazing coastline and just as impressive naval military force. The US Navy is both the biggest and the strongest Navy in the world. Its personnel comprise 332,528 members on active duty. This ranks the Navy as the third most populous military branch in the US.

What is more, some 103,678 belong to the Navy Reserve and are ready to join when summoned. Also, the US naval military is led by eight O10 admirals and 3,279 O6 captains. There are 40 bases around the US land. America’s and the world’s largest military base, Naval Station Norfolk, is situated in Norfolk, Virginia.

This Wednesday of 2021, we are celebrating 227 years of the US Navy's existence.

Theodore Roosevelt

The navy got its official day in 1922 all thanks to the Navy League and 27th October was chosen for one special reason. Namely, the date is the birthday date of the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. What was so special about his involvement that the Navy decided to celebrate him forever?

First of all, TR used to be an Assistant Secretary of the Navy and invested efforts in battleship construction. Once elected president, Roosevelt set the Great White Fleet on a cruise around the world. Secondly, he was also the first president to spend some time under the water surface — in a Navy submarine appropriately named Plunger.

Our Protector

Having a huge coastline is great, but it also means one is very much exposed. Thankfully, the navy is there to defend the nation. Starting from the Battle of Lake Erie, over the Battle of Mobile Bay to the Battle of Atlantic and Battle of Okinawa, the Navy has always been there to protect Americans by risking their lives.

Gender Equality

If you have a feeling the Navy is ahead of other military branches, it is for a good reason. It is always challenging to be the first to break the ice and old patterns, which is exactly what Lt. Cmdr. Barbara Allen Rainey when she became the first graduated female pilot in the US Armed Forces in 1974.

This was a monumental act since it paved the way for other branches and more female pilots to earn their wings. Lt. Cmdr. Rainey was also the first female Navy member to become a jet pilot.

How to Celebrate

Finally, with all the good reasons named above, it would be a good idea to show your respect on this special day. Try going for a visit to the naval museum and learn more about this military branch. Use the #NavyDay hashtag to post on your social media and show respect for the US Navy's long history and dedication to service.