Why Do We Honor The American Flag?

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January 21, 2022 at 11:36:26 AM PST January 21, 2022 at 11:36:26 AM PSTst, January 21, 2022 at 11:36:26 AM PST

There are many opinions about why we honor the American flag. How many can you think of, and can you provide valid arguments? It’s more than national pride and belief in our system of government. In order to help you put the feeling of national pride into words in a more eloquent and lengthy way, we are going to name a few reasons why the US flag is so invaluable to us.


We Honor Our Union & Ancestors


Take a good look at the Old Glory. Indeed, it is old, with the very first version dating back from 1777, when it was approved by Congress. Whatever has happened to the US is depicted on it, all the sacrifice and hardships our ancestors have endured and the bravery they demonstrated.


Firstly, there are 13 alternative stripes, representing the original thirteen colonies. Over time, from the original 13 stars, more and more were added. Each new state would become a new star on the blue surface until we reached the big 50 in 1960 when Hawaii joined the United States.


Therefore, by taking just one look at the Stars and Stripes, we can read our history of the struggle to become independent and the most powerful country in the world.


We Honor Our Freedom


How did the Ol’ Glory originally come to be? Our flag or our country would not have existed were it not for the idea to separate from the colonial status and achieve freedom.


Ever since America was founded, freedom has been the ultimate goal. Even today, the US is world renowned as the part of the world where freedom is granted to each and every citizen. Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government are all granted in the First Amendment


What is more, they are granted in practice, not on paper only.


Because It’s Beautiful


Every nation is a tad sentimental to their own country symbols, and so are we. There is something deeply visually satisfying in the perfect arrangement of fifty stars. So symmetrical. Then, the red and white stripes definitely make the Union stand out even if we were to think of the US flag as nothing more than a potential brand design.


Besides being pleasing to the eye, everything depicted on the flag makes perfect sense, telling a grand story via minimalistic details such as stars and stripes, which is usually very challenging to achieve in a design.


We Honor the Dream


We do not honor the flag just for the sake of it being the most famous flag in the world. The story is much deeper. Flags represent the country and today, the US flag is so widely known that it is almost a sign of a brand. What does “American” mean to you or to the world? For a lot of people out there, the US flag stands for the American way of life and our right to live the American dream.


We honor the flag because it stands for equal rights for each and every American to have a goal and be entitled to opportunities and means of achieving their aim. Regardless of one’s background, every American is allowed to dream of success and accomplish it through sacrifice, bravery, and above all, hard work.  




The Old Glory stands for the American glorious past, present, and the future. The US flag is a worldwide symbol of the country and its citizens. Perhaps most importantly, the US flag is a symbol of freedom.