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Solar Tri-Light for Flagpoles - Circular

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Full Product Details of our Circular Solar Flag Lights:

Our solar flagpole tri-light (circular) offers a bright and continuous illumination, giving off 540 lumens. This wireless solar light for flagpoles will meet the needs for both residential and commercial flag displays.


  • Designed for flagpoles up to 40' high, 5" or more diameter
  • Self-charging solar panel (6V 6W with 3.7V 6000MAH lithium battery)
  • 180 lumens in each of the three round LED lights
  • Attaches 8-15 feet up the flagpole
  • For more information see below

Why should you consider this solar light for flagpoles?

This bright solar flagpole light guarantees continuous illumination to ensure your flag display is seen per the flag code.


What to notice in our circular solar flag light:

  • Also known as a flag solar tri-light, this solar flag light is created with three round LED lights that produce 180 lumens each, giving the light 540 lumens total.
  • Designed for use with flagpoles up to 40' high and 5" plus in diameter, this solar flagpole light is sure to meet the needs of residential and commercial displays alike.
  • With self-charging panels and no wiring required, the flagpole solar light installation is next to effortless. You can simply place the solar flagpole tri-light between 8-15 feet high up on your flagpole.
  • The solar panel is 6V 6W with a 3.7V 6000MAH lithium battery.
  • Charging and installation instructions will be included.


*Please note: Full daylight charging for a minimum of three days in the OFF position will be required before the first use.

Alternative Products Customer's View!

If you are looking for a similar solar light for flagpoles, but the Circular Solar Light for Flagpoles is not what you had in mind, take a look at our Solar Flagpole Light Disk. This solar flag light is designed for flagpoles up to 30’ in height and are created with 120 LEDs in eight different panels, giving off 800 lumens. This ensures that your residential and commercial expectations alike are met and exceeded.


Our Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Light is another option to create bright and continuous, attention-getting lighting for your American flag and other flag displays. This light is sure to illuminate your flag displays with a strong and consistent beam of light for hours.


Carrot-Top offers a wide variety of solar-powered lights. View a complete list of our solar lighting products to find the perfect fit for you.

What flagpoles are ideal for our Solar Circular Tri-Light?

Carrot-Top Industries has an assortment of solar flag lights and accessories to complement your flag displays. This solar light for flag poles pairs well with these various flagpoles.


We recommend the Circular Solar Flagpole Tri-Light go on our  Majestic™ Commercial Grade Aluminum 20 Foot Flagpoles. These flagpoles are one of Carrot-Top's most popular sellers, and for good reasons. It is designed for years of exposure to the elements and is a perfect in-ground flagpole for many schools, office buildings, factories, and other commercial locations. These flagpoles are also ideal for a commercial setting because aluminum flagpoles do not rust.


Another quality flagpole to consider is the Majestic™ Commercial Aluminum 25 Foot Flagpole. Clear, Black, and Bronze finishes are available for the 25’ commercial flagpoles, meaning they have the advantage of being anodized. An anodized finish is electrically bonded to the surface of the metal. The finish is then coated with a sealant that enhances its corrosion resistance. This is a huge benefit for flags that are being displayed specifically in a commercial setting.


Another popular flagpole from Carrot-Top is the Majestic™ Commercial Aluminum 30 Foot Flagpole. Majestic™ Commercial Grade Flagpoles represent some of the best aluminum flagpoles that Carrot-Top has to offer. It’s no wonder that they are some of our most popular products. They strike a handsome image in front of any setting and their heavy-duty materials and construction make them suitable for light to moderate wind settings.


If you are looking for a taller flagpole to display your flags and pair your solar flag lights with, look no further than the Majestic™ Commercial Aluminum 40 Foot Flagpole. These flagpoles make an impressive statement in any setting and are offered in these high-quality finishes - Satin, Clear anodized, Bronze Anodized or Black Anodized. Any of these Carrot-Top products are sure to impress.

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