Deluxe American Flag Kit - Beacon®

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Full Product Details of our Deluxe American Flag Set: 

Our Deluxe Beacon® Flag Set removes the guesswork of installing a flag display. This American flag kit has everything you need to display your flag on your house, small business, school, or any other location. Components include a bracket that allows you to mount the flagpole directly to the side of your building. Fly your American flag with pride and style when you purchase our flag kits!

  • Includes 3'x5' Beacon® American flag with pole sleeve 
  • Includes a spinning pole to avoid flag furling! 
  • Adjustable mounting bracket to display your flag at multiple angles 
  • Ideal for moderate to mild wind conditions 
  • Flag is made in the USA. 

Display Your Patriotism with our Deluxe Beacon® American Flag Kit! 

Nothing is more American than flying a U.S. flag from a front porch on a sunny day, and the Deluxe Beacon® Flag Set gives you everything you need for setup and display. This American flag kit for houses includes the following components to make setting up your display easy! 


3’x5’ Beacon® Nylon American Flag 


This gorgeous, American-made flag features a pole sleeve and leather tabs that attach easily to your flagpole. Its stunning embroidered stars pop out on the blue canton. Its sewn stripes resist tearing and fraying for added durability. As one of our most popular USA flags, the nylon Beacon® American flag is built for all-weather and flies in the gentlest of breezes. Its ability to fly in various weather conditions is why we consider it our best all-around flag! These flags are covered by the industry's best six-month guarantee. Get a free replacement flag if it tears or frays before the warranty expires. 


6’ white aluminum spinning pole 


Our 6’ white aluminum spinning pole is our most popular wall-mount flagpole. Topped with a gold ball for added class and elegance, this tangle-free spinning flagpole will keep your flag looking fabulous during windy days. Please note that the aluminum flagpole is 1” in diameter and is designed specifically for use with a 3'x5' nylon flag, not for larger flags or polyester material use. 


White adjustable mounting bracket 


Hang your flag at five different angles between 30 to 45 degrees with our white adjustable mounting bracket. This flagpole bracket is 3 1/4” and 1” in diameter to fit your flagpole. 


Two plastic collars 


While this flag set comes with a sleeved flag, you can use the plastic flag collars in case you need to attach grommeted flag to your flagpole. 




The included screws are meant for use on wooden surfaces. They may not be sufficient if you would like to mount the bracket into brick, concrete or plastic. Please visit your local hardware store for screws that can mount to those surfaces.  


What Other Flagpole Kits Does Carrot-Top Sell? 


Find what you need through our wide selection of high-quality American flag kits. Our selection includes American flag sets for houses, streets, and other commercial use. Some of the most popular products include the following. 


Beacon® boxed set 


Our Beacon® Boxed Set is an affordable alternative to our Deluxe Beacon® Flag Set. Its components include a 3’x’5 Beacon® Nylon American Flag, a 6’ (3/4” diameter) aluminum pole, a plastic eagle flagpole topper, two plastic collars, a silver mounting bracket, and hardware. 


Mansion set with solar light 


Looking for a lighted U.S. flag kit to display your red, white, and blue at all hours of the day? Check out our mansion set with solar light. These sets create a breathtaking display sure to illuminate your American flag. You may also purchase our Deluxe Beacon® Flag Set with a solar light for a gorgeous, lit-up flag. 


Republic U.S. home flag set 


Our Republic® U.S. home flag set makes hanging your flag simple. Featuring printed stars and stripes and brass grommets, this American flag kit for houses is perfect for short-term flag displays. Hang on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and other patriotic holidays at a price far more affordable than other flag sets. 


Adjustable 20’ telescoping flagpole kit 


Beyond our various wall-mount flagpole kits, we also have a huge selection of residential and commercial in-ground flagpoles that display your flag front and center on your lawn or front entryway. Our adjustable 20’ telescoping flagpole is among our most popular in-ground American flagpole kit due to its ease of use. Instead of hanging your flag with halyard rope, simply collapse the pole and attach your outdoor flag to the swivel rings. This American flag kit includes a telescoping flagpole, four snap hooks, a gold ball finial, and a Beacon® nylon United States flag. 

Still not seeing what you need? Check out our category page for our full selection of American flag kits and residential flagpoles. Businesses and anyone who wants a durable flag display should visit our selection of commercial-grade flagpoles. 

You may also purchase your flagpole components separately. Our outrigger flagpoles come in various materials and colors. Choose between an aluminum or wood pole. Aluminum poles come in silver, white, and wood-grain finishes. We also sell adjustable and fixed flag mounting brackets. Our multipurpose aluminum bracket is a popular choice due to its durability. See our flagpole accessories category page for the full list of options. 


Let Carrot-Top Flag Pros Assist You Today! 


Carrot-Top Industries has over forty years of knowledge and experience, and we are dedicated to serving you! If you need assistance placing an order or have questions regarding our products, please fill out our contact us form. One of our Flag Pros will reach out to you promptly! In the meantime, check out our full selection of flags, including military flags, state flags, historical flags, and more! 

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