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Product Details for our Poly-Max™ Reinforced Heavy-Duty American Flags: 


Count on our Poly-Max™ reinforced heavy-duty American flag to withstand fierce hurricane-force winds in coastal and mountainous regions. Eder Flag Manufacturing crafted these American flags using high-quality 2-ply spun polyester to create an amazingly long-lasting outdoor flag. With features like rows of lock stitching and embroidered stars, count on this high-wind American flag to resist frays and tears and look vibrant for months. Choose between four flag sizes currently in stock: 3x5 ft, 4x6 ft, 5x8 ft, and 6x10 ft. 

  • Finished with a strong poly-cotton canvas header and brass grommets 
  • Four to six rows on fly end to prevent fraying 
  • Sewn stripes reinforced with sturdy lock stitching on flag’s front and back 
  • Fast drying and fade resistant 
  • Made in the U.S.A 

Order your Poly-Max™ reinforced heavy-duty American flag today by selecting your desired flag size, entering your quantity, and hitting add to cart to begin the checkout process. Please contact our Flag Pros if you need help finding the right flag for your business. 

Note this flag has extra stitching compared to the standard Poly-Max™ US flag. This makes the flag hefty and capable of withstanding even stronger winds than Eder Flag’s other polyester flags.  


Why Buy a Poly-Max™ Reinforced U.S. Flag from Carrot-Top? 


Poly-Max™ Reinforced American flags are some of the most heavy-duty American flags on the market. They feature vertical stitching on their top and bottom. This reinforced hemstitching makes them more durable than other outdoor U.S. flags. Because these heavy-duty flags are made from good quality materials and fine craftsmanship, they perform well in regions prone to harsh weather. Choose from four sizes for a flag that matches your flagpole. Each size has two brass grommets so that you can attach your flag to your flagpole with brass snap hooks. 


What Size Flag Should I Buy for My Flagpole? 


Your flag’s length should be at least one-fourth the height of your flag. We recommend pairing the following sizes of this high-wind American flag with the following flagpoles. 

  • 3’x5’ ft American flag = 15’20’ flagpole 
  • 4’x6’ ft American flag = 20’ 25’ flagpole 
  • 5’x8’ ft American flag = 25’ 30’ flagpole 
  • 6’x10’ ft American flag = 30’ 40’ flagpole 


Alternative Polyester Flags 


Carrot-Top has an unbeatable selection of American-made polyester flags. Those who are looking for high-quality flags that can withstand harsh winds and severe weather can choose from any of the following products. 


Patriarch® Polyester American Flag 


Our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags are our signature heavyweight American flag. These commercial-grade flags start at a lower price point than reinforced Poly-Max™ flags and come with a six-month guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. These flags are proudly made in America from hefty 2-ply polyester. Order our 3x5 ft Patriarch® Polyester American Flag for your 20’ flagpole. View our polyester U.S. flag category page to view all 16 sizes. 


Annin Tough Tex® Flag 


Tough Tex® USA flags can withstand high winds and extreme weather. They are made by the oldest and most trusted American-based flag company, Annin Flagmakers. Like the other American flags featured on this page, this flag features spun heavy-duty polyester fabric, reinforced fly ends, and stunning embroidered stars. 


What Other Products Does Carrot-Top Sell? 


Carrot-Top offers an extensive collection of outdoor American flags. Customers love our nylon flags, especially our Beacon® Nylon American Flags. In contrast to our polyester flags, nylon flags are lightweight and have excellent fly ability, even flying well on low-wind days. Buy our signature Beacon® nylon United States flags and you will receive a six-month guarantee on your product. We recommend this product for areas with moderate to mild winds. Nylon is not a high-wind American flag. 

Interested in pairing your heavy-duty American flag with another flag? Please consider purchasing a state flag, custom flag, or military flag. Nearly all of our flags are available in polyester to complement your Poly-Max™ flag. Those who wish to honor missing soldiers can buy a single- or double-sided POW/MIA flag. 

In the process of creating a new outdoor flag display? View our selection of commercial flagpoles. Small businesses can select from our low-cost residential flagpoles, while those looking for a commercial-grade product can buy our heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles. Our Flag Pros are here to assist you if you need help finding the right product. Just fill out our contact us form with your questions, and a Flag Pro will get back to you promptly! 


Carrot-Top Industries: The Premier Provider of Made in USA Products 


Get an American US flag you will feel proud to display in front of your business when you shop at Carrot-Top. We only partner with the most trusted American flag manufacturers. Eder Flag, Valley Forge, and Annin Flagmakers are just a small fraction of our trusted partner base, carefully vetted across 40 years of experience in the flag industry. Please fill out our contact us form to learn more about our quality products. 

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