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Reinforced Heavy Duty American Flag - Poly-Max™

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Full Product Details of our Poly-Max™ Reinforced American Flags:

Ideal for coastal and windy areas, our Poly-Max™ reinforced heavy duty American flag will hold up to strong, hurricane-force winds over time. Made by Eder Flag Manufacturing Company, America's largest flag and flagpole maker.

  • 16 different sizes available from 3' x 5' to 50' x 80'
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Made from heavy-duty, two-ply polyester
  • Finished with header and grommets for added reinforcement
  • Features embroidered stars and sewn stripes
  • To prevent fraying, fly end features four to eight rows of reinforced stitching, depending on flag size
  • Features reinforced vertical stitching on top and bottom, plus lock stitching on front and back
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • See below for more details

Why Buy a Poly-Max™ Reinforced U.S. Flag?

Specially Designed for High Wind Areas

Eder Flag Manufacturing Company's Poly-Max™ reinforced American flag is an ideal flag choice for coastal or mountain environments, where short bursts of gale-force winds are common. Proudly Made in the U.S.A., these poly flags are built tough with extra rows of stitching on the fly end, top and bottom, as well as lock stitching on the front and back sides for added reinforcement. Each of these high wind American flags is finished with a heavy-duty header and grommets for attaching your flag to your flagpole with a snap hook set.


Poly-Max™ Reinforced American Flags are available in 16 different sizes, ranging from as small as 3' x 5' to as large as 50' x 80'. We recommend flying a single Poly-Max™ U.S. Flag on a 20' architectural-grade flagpole to extend the life of your flag.

Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction

All Poly-Max™ reinforced U.S. flags are constructed of two-ply polyester and finished with a heavy-duty heading.


  • Flags sized 3' x 5' to 6' x 10' are finished with a white, cotton/poly-blend Army duck heading and two grommets.
  • Flags sized 8' x 12' to 12' x 18' are finished with a rope header and one grommet.
  • Flags sized 15' x 25' to 20' x 38' are finished with a rope header with three grommets.
  • The 25' x 40' flag is finished with a rope header and five grommets.
  • Flags sized 30' x 50' and 30' x 60' are finished with a rope header and seven grommets.
  • The 50' x 80' flag is finished with a rope header and 11 grommets.


These flags also feature four to eight rows of fly-end stitching (depending on flag size), plus reinforced vertical stitching on top and bottom. This added reinforcement makes sure that your poly flags can withstand high winds over time. Technical details for reinforced stitching on these heavy duty American flags can be viewed in the product photo gallery above.

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