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Solar lighting offers great advantages and big savings. Our solar lighting options include groundbreaking products which offer bright LED illuminations. We can help you decide which of our solar lighting products will work best for your display. Check out our flagpole lighting products or call 800-628-3524 to discuss your lighting options with one of our expert Customer Care Professionals.

Types of Solar Powered Flagpole Lights





Outdoor Solar Lights 


Outdoor solar lights are mounted on flagpoles and illuminate a flag and flagpole from an upward or downward position, depending on the unit selected.

  • This option is perfect for those who do not want to install a fixture at the base of the flagpole.
  • Lights are commonly attached halfway up the flagpole for upward lighting.
  • Place outdoor solar at the top of the flagpole for downward illumination.
  • Solar lights feature intensity LED lamps.


Above Ground Solar Lights 


Installed at the base of the flagpole and features a fan-shaped light display.

  • Lights offer added security
  • Require no wiring
  • For residential outrigger poles only


Factors to Consider

1) Budget

  • Solar powered landscape lights are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


2) Location

  • Solar lights will not effectively illuminate your flag and flagpole in shaded areas without strong, direct sunlight.

3) Environment

  • Level of illumination is dependent on available sunlight.


4) Installation

  • Solar lighting fixtures do not require a certified electrician for installation.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Place flagpole in the middle or at the top of the flagpole for best illuminations and to protect against unwanted tampering with light.
  • Optional hardware is available for flagpoles taller than 35’.

Carrot-Top’s team of professionals is committed to providing our customers with superior products, thorough knowledge of each item, and advice acquired from over three decades of experience. For answers to questions regarding your specific location or for suggestions on which of our products will best suit your needs, call our Customer Care Department at 800-628-3524.


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