Hinge Base American-Made Fiberglass Flagpole

If a severe storm is on its way, it’s a good idea to have a hinged flagpole that can be quickly taken down. Carrot-Top’s Hinge Base American Made Flagpole is a great choice for these situations! These are some of the benefits that a Hinge Base American Made Flagpole offers an attractive gelcoat finish that retains its gloss for years and is resistant to UV rays and harsh weather.

Fiberglass is a non-conductive material, meaning these flagpoles should not attract lightning like an aluminum flagpole. Thanks to the light weight of fiberglass, one or two people can easily and quickly lower these hinge-base flagpoles to the ground when high winds and bad weather are on their way. Carrot-Top packages these American-made hinged flagpoles with all parts and accessories you’ll need for installation, setup and flag display.

Ready to install your flagpole? We also offer installation services on select commercial poles.

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