Racing Flag Sets & Checkered Racing Flags

Motor racing flags are used in motorsports to communicate important instructions like start, stop, caution, and moveover to racers. Racing flag sets from Carrot-Top include flags with seven different color patterns to designate different signals to drivers. Our racing flag sets are constructed of durable Nyl-Glo® nylon—a premium material that offers the best resistance to UV rays when used outside. Read more about our racing flag sets in the description area below.

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24X24" Nylon Black Mounted Flag
24X24" Nylon Green Mounted Flag
24X24" Nylon Red Mounted Flag
Racing Yellow Flag 24"X24" Nylon
Nylon Racing Flag Set
Racing Nylon Flag Starter Set 3'X5'
Racing Diagonal Flag 24"X24" Nylon
Checkered Flag 2'X3' Nylon
Checkered Flag 4'X6' Nylon
Checkered Flag 3'X5' Nylon
Checkered Flag 5'X8' Nylon
Checkered Flag 6'X10' Nylon
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Select up to 4 items to compare.