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The Township of Hopewell, PA

We offer the Township of Hopewell, PA, state of Pennsylvania, and U.S. flags along with other custom products that will allow you to express your Hopewell pride. You can order customized Hopewell Township products such as flags and banners, street banners, or tents for your city government offices, schools, special events, and celebrations. You can even fly a Hopewell Township flag at your Hopewell home. Call today for a quote at 800-628-3524.

Flag History and Symbolism

Hopewell Township’s flag was designed in 2012 in honor of our bicentennial celebration of 200 years of growth and prosperity. Students designed the Hopewell flag under the direction of Mrs. Fueschlin. The following students contributed to different parts of the flag design:

  • Brea Davis-Vazquez contributed BLOCK LETTERING which is strong and decisive and sets the frame for the flag.
  • Jennah Ellis contributed the SHAPE OF THE TOWNSHIP which represents our base and solid ground. Every property line represents the hard work of farmers and steel workers who shaped our future.
  • Kivana Hill contributed the EAGLE, which is our symbol of freedom, preservation, and protection.
  • Mallory Marckioni contributed the WHEAT AND CORN STALKS since our township’s beginning is rooted in the crops that dedicated farmers grew and supplied to the Hopewell residents.
  • Kara Walbek contributed the 3-D STARS AND BOOKS. The stars, that shine brightly, light our path to our dreams. The books represent education since we all know that we have no future without an education.

If you need assistance with your purchase, please contact our Hopewell, PA Flag Pros at 800-628-3524.

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We are delighted to partner with the Township of Hopewell to offer products that express the pride we all have in Hopewell, the state of Pennsylvania, and the United States of America.

Township of Hopewell

Hopewell Township is a First Class Township with a population of 12,593, encompassing an area of 17.2 square miles. Hopewell is situated along the southeast boundary of Beaver County, bordering the northwestern tip of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania. Hopewell Township has seven borders. It encloses the city of Aliquippa on three sides and the borough of South Heights to the southeast. Where not shared with these two communities, the eastern border of the township follows the Ohio River. Other borders include the townships of Independence to the southwest, Raccoon in the northwestern corner, Center to the north and northwest, and the Allegheny County townships of Crescent and Moon in the southeast.


Notable People Associated with Hopewell Township

  • Tony Dorsett, a former American football running back who played professionally in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, attended Hopewell High School, where he played football and basketball.
  • Paul Posluszny, currently playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was a standout running back and linebacker at Hopewell, before attending Pennsylvania State University. Before playing for the Jaguars, he played for the Buffalo Bills.
  • Christa Harmotto, a U.S. Olympic volleyball player, attended Hopewell High School before leading the women’s volleyball team to win the 2004 state championship. In the Olympics, she took home a silver in 2012 and a bronze in 2016.


Hopewell, PA History

In the 1700s, the area became an important center for the fur trade and military activity related to the Revolutionary War. John Gibson is said to be the first settler in the Hopewell Township in 1771. The nearby Ohio River became a principal avenue of the Gateway to the West which attracted pioneers to the area. Lumber, farming wheat, and corn along with mills for grinding grain and sawing were the center of the township's activities. For political purposes, six townships were formed, with three on the South Side, namely, First Moon, Second Moon, and Hanover. It was not until 1812 that Hopewell Township, originally part of First Moon, came into being.

As Hopewell’s population increased, enterprising men were soon providing goods and services for the early settlers which made work less laborious and life a bit more comfortable including a: sickle shop, grist and saw mills, a tannery and sickle factory, and carding mills to relieve the women of the tedious task of making home-spun cloth. In 1878, a steam mill was built which became the first flour mill operated on a wide-scale commercial basis and served the surrounding farming community for over 70 years. As people gravitated to the mills, villages grew up around them, and new services were provided such as: a village shoemaker, blacksmith, cabinet maker, harness maker, wagon maker, tailor and hatter, a tavern, inn, and distillery, a railroad station, and ferry service.

In 1884, William C. Kelley bore a gas well at Raccoon Creek on John Zimmerly’s farm near New Sheffield. The Phoenix Glass Company of Monaca obtained leases on much of this land to use the gas as an industrial fuel. As gas wells became scattered throughout the township, the veneer of civilization began to show as candles and oil lamps gave way to gas illumination. At the turn of the century, the Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation of Pittsburgh was com­pelled to find room for expansion in the area which became overcome by industrial activity and an increase in residents.

The central theme of Pennsylvania history is how a commonwealth of yeoman farmers became a commonwealth of industrialists, city dwellers, and labor unions. The development of Beaver County and Hopewell Township exemplifies this central theme of the State. Its evolutionary growth was from agri­culturism to industrialism, from ruralism to urban­ism, from simplicity to complexity.

You can find out more details about Hopewell Township’s history at: https://pa-hopewelltownship.civicplus.com/187/History