25 Watt Megaphone

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These 25 Watt Megaphones are perfect for your next outdoor event. The megaphones are designed for large areas and produces amplified sounds that can be heard from approximately 1 mile away. The megaphones are made of high impact plastic and steel making it durable and long lasting.

For more about the 25 watt megaphone see the description below. To order enter the number of desired units and click on the “Add to Cart" button.

25 watt megaphones are weatherproof and ideal for outdoor events. They are able to amplify sounds up to 120 decibels, which is roughly equal to the noise level of a thunderclap or chainsaw. The volume can be adjusted according to the needs of the space and surrounding level of noise. The megaphone is designed to be powered by an 8-cell battery (battery is not included with the purchase).

Our 25 watt megaphone measures 14.5" in length, 8.25" in bell diameter and weighs about 2lbs. They have 3 different sound functions, whistle, talk and siren and are designed with a comfortable pistol-grip. The whistle and siren functions are perfect for loud and crowded spaces. With one short blast of the whistle or siren sound you can gain the attention of the entire crowd. The megaphones are fitted with battery indicator lights to signal when it needs to be charged or when a battery is about to die.

For a smaller gathering see our 15 watt megaphone and the 10 watt megaphone. Store or transport your megaphone in one of our megaphone cases with ease. For other special event products see our property and event management category. Our collection includes crowd control solutions, signs and tents. Our advertising flags, street banners and custom products are great ways to advertise for your events and attract locals. Pick out a large American flag measuring 60' or more for eye catching roadside displays as well. For further details contact us today on (800)628-3524.

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