Never-Furler For 1" Or 2" Pole

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Never-furlers are a great option to have for almost any residential outdoor flag display. These unfurlers can be placed around a pole to keep your flag from wrapping around your pole with the wind. The Never-furler allows the flag to rotate 360° around a flagpole without damaging it.

Our Never-furlers are available for 1" and 2" poles and come with all the attachments for installation. Please note that Never-furlers are NOT intended for use with a spinning flagpole.

For more information about these unfurlers read the description tab at the bottom of the page.


Never-furlers are a great way to have a full-fledged flag display in windy conditions. If an unfurler is not used with poles like our wood outrigger pole, the flag may wrap itself around the pole in high winds. With poles like these the flag, is attached at one stationary position and when displayed at a 45° angle a strong wind might cause it to do a full circle around the flagpole. The Never-furler allows the flag to rotate around the flag and prevents it from wrapping around.

The Never-furler rings are compatible with all flag sizes for use on the wooden outrigger poles regardless of changes in wind direction and speeds. They help make for a great looking flag display at all times and under any conditions while extending your flag's life. The Never-furlers also come with a stopper ring that fits around your pole snugly and prevents the unfurler from moving down the flagpole so you can still fly your flag at your desired height.

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