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New Brunswick flags are fashioned with superior nylon and showcase the province's colorful Coat of Arms with bold, bright colors and excellent craftsmanship.

These Provincial flags are:

  • Designed in two convenient sizes:
    3'x 5' Standard Industry size for businesses, schools, homes, etc.
    3' x 6' for Display with National Canada flag
  • Crafted with quick drying 200 Denier nylon (Nyl-Glo®) that flies effortlessly in a slight breeze
  • Single Reverse Image (One-sided) with vivid Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black colors
  • Finished with a strong and sturdy canvas heading and solid brass grommets
  • Fashioned for long term outdoor use


New Brunswick flags visually symbolize the Canadian province origins and rich history. The provincial banner is modelled after its Coat of Arms and features a gold lion stretched across the top of the flag which signifies its connection to Germany and the monarchy of Canada. New Brunswick is one of three Maritime Provinces and its name honors King George III of England whose family was from Brunswick- Lunenburg (Germany). The banner was adopted by proclamation on Feb. 24, 1965. The bottom portion of the flag is yellow with a ship at its center sitting atop three wavy lines alternating in blue and white. The ship signifies one of the province's main industries"”ship building.

Our New Brunswick flags are tailored to meet the highest standards and are built to last. These banners feature a single reverse image and are fitted with a canvas header and solid brass grommets. Carrot-Top's nylon flags are made to be placed onto and removed from flagpoles in moments. Flags feature durable Solarguard® nylon that seems to sparkle in the sunlight. Our New Brunswick flags are

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories. Carrot-Top offers flags or each province and territory along with the national flag of Canada in various sizes. Show your pride for Canada at your home, office, school, church, governmental agency or any location. View our entire collection of International flags as well as our American flags for other beautiful flags to keep and display. Our selection of American flags offers one of the finest assortments of flags available anywhere. For further details, please fill out our contact us form and one of our Customer Care Representatives will be in touch with you.

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