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Sensory Paths - Ocean Kit

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Our Sensory Paths - Ocean Kit is a great way to entertain kids in school, day care, or at medical facilities. These colorful Ocean Sensory Floor Decals entertain kids with an ocean theme while helping them exercise and learn. Easy to install in small areas (broken out into sections) or one large area (all in one section).

  • Great for schools, hospitals, and day care centers
  • Helps kids burn off extra energy so they can better focus
  • Includes Ocean Images, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Words, Footprints, Handprints
  • Pressure-sensitive vinyl for easy application, clear non-slip top coating lamination
  • Don't use on carpet, expose to weather or high-traffic areas (ex: doorways)
  • Made in U.S.A.

Why Buy the Sensory Paths - Ocean Kit from Carrot-Top Industries?

Ocean Kit Sensory Paths are used by schools, hospitals, and day care centers as a way for children to burn excess energy and help them focus. The Ocean Sensory Floor Decals are great for days when the children can't go outside due to bad weather, or they just need a quick break. The Ocean Sensory Floor Stickers can be placed in halls outside of classrooms or in a children's wing at hospitals. The Ocean Sensory Paths are broken up into smaller sections so that it can fit the hall location where it will be used. The Ocean Sensory Floor Decals should not be placed where it will be exposed to a lot of weather or foot traffic. An entry from outside is not an ideal location. This set is sold as a kit and is a great teaching aid because it helps children learn coordination, numbers, letters and reading with the added benefit of getting exercise.

The Sensory Path - Ocean Kit is made up of the following: Large Turtle (15.3" x 14.6"); Medium Turtle (7.75" x 7.4"); Three Small Turtles (4.1" x 3.9" Each); Three Different Fish Sizes [Blue Fish (8.75" x 8.5"), Orange Fish (6.13" x 9.9"), Green Fish (6.7" x 10.85")]; Footprints (Each Foot 8" x 2.8"); Handprints (Each Hand 4.1" x 5.1"); Long Blue Line (30" x 39.8"); Two Arrows (14.77" x 13" Each); Large Crab (7.3" x 11.58"); Three Small Crabs (5.5" x 8.76" Each); 10 Seaweed (9" x 9" Each); Three Words [You Did It! (3.3" x 15.25"), Crab Walk! (4.14" x 20.4") and Tip Toe! (4.14" x 14.84")]; Octopus (15" x 15.3"); Two Ocean Graphics [Seaweed (17.64" x 22.43") and Clam And Pearl (17.25" x 17.26")]

Not for use on carpeted surfaces. Made of pressure-sensitive vinyl for easy application. Laminated with a clear non-slip top coating. A floor cleaning machine should not be used over the decals. It could cause damage or removal of the decal. We allow schools to use purchase orders when buying these items from Carrot-Top. We offer several payment options. Made in U.S.A.

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