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Full Product Details of our 5' x 8' Printed U.S. Flag:

Celebrate the spirit of the United States with our remarkable printed nylon U.S. flag, featuring dyed stars and stripes. Unlike flags with sewn stars that obstruct light, our Sun-Glo® flags are designed to radiate brightly when the sun shines upon them. Crafted with utmost care, each flag is finished with lock-stitched hems, a poly-woven heading, and sturdy brass grommets, ensuring exceptional durability. 

  • Printed stars and stripes and resist tearing and fraying 
  • Crafted with UV-resistant SolarMax™ nylon 
  • Made in the U.S.A 

Why Buy a Printed U.S. Flag from Carrot-Top?  

Celebrate American heritage with Carrot-Top's premium printed U.S. flag, a testament to enduring quality and vibrant display. Unlike traditional American flags with sewn stripes and embroidered stars, our printed flags feature a unified fabric design dyed to capture the iconic pattern of Old Glory. This innovative approach significantly reduces the risk of tearing and fraying, particularly along the stripes, ensuring a flag that maintains its integrity over time. Crafted with the finest industrial-strength SolarMax™ nylon, each flag is lightweight yet robust, adept at repelling water and moisture to ensure a lasting, majestic display. 

For those seeking a flag that combines longevity with a brilliant glow under the sun, our 5’ x 8’ printed flag is the ideal choice. It is optimally sized for 30’ to 35’ flagpoles, making it a perfect addition to any institutional, governmental, or corporate setting. Embrace the enduring symbol of American pride with Carrot-Top's exceptional printed U.S. flag. 

Discover Alternative U.S. Flags that Carrot-Top Offers! 

Carrot-Top offers an unbeatable selection of U.S. flags beyond our printed American flags. Our signature American flags are crafted with brilliantly embroidered stars, sewn stripes, and a heavy-duty canvas header to proudly represent your allegiance the United States. Continue reading to learn which of these flags is best for you.  

Built for Low to Medium Weather Conditions:

Experience the durability and vibrant display of our 5'x8' Beacon® Nylon American Flag. Crafted with high-quality nylon fabric, this flag is designed to withstand moderate weather conditions while maintaining its bold colors and impeccable stitching. Ideal for residential or commercial use, it proudly represents your patriotic spirit.

Built for Harsh Weather Conditions:

When facing extreme weather conditions, our 5'x8' Patriarch® Polyester American Flag is your best choice. Made from robust polyester material, this flag is engineered to resist the harshest outdoor elements. Its reinforced stitching and UV-resistant properties ensure long-lasting beauty, making it an excellent option for areas with challenging weather patterns. 

Built for Indoor or Light Outdoor Use:

Looking for an American flag suitable for indoor display or light outdoor use? Our 5'x8' Cotton American Flag combines classic elegance with versatility. Crafted from premium cotton fabric, it offers a soft and traditional look while maintaining its durability. This flag is a great option for classrooms and historical displays 

Explore our Complete List of American Flags:

For a comprehensive selection of American flags, make sure to browse our complete American flags collection. From different sizes and materials to specialized flags for specific occasions, you'll find the perfect flag to suit your needs. Celebrate your patriotism with our diverse range of flags that are crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Contact our Flag Pros for any questions or advice.  

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