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The state flag of Ohio, United States, is known as the Ohio Burgee. The only non-rectangular state flag of the United States is a triangular swallowtail flag. The state's natural characteristics and order of entry into the Union are represented by its red, white, and blue components. The state's name is suggested by a conspicuous disc in the triangular canton of the flag.

John Eisenmann created the flag in 1901 for the Pan-American Exposition, and it was approved in 1902. Prior to that, Ohio lacked a state flag that was officially recognized for almost a century after statehood. Unsuccessful designs included one that was based on the state seal.

The flag is folded in 17 folds according to the official protocol, which Ohio has embraced. Numerous logos and municipal flags in the state of Ohio have taken inspiration from the Ohio flag. Based on the state seal, a red gubernatorial flag is flown.

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