6x9 Inches Cotton Handheld American Flags

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Full Product Details of Our Handheld USA Flags:  

Spread patriotic pride across your town, school, or community with our 6”x9” handheld American flags. These larger small U.S. flags have chemically-treated fabric to resist fraying and increase the flag’s longevity. Slightly larger than our 4”x6” mini U.S. flags, our 6”x9” stick U.S. flags for sale are ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their mini U.S. flags and proudly display their patriotism. See our bullets for more information.  

  • Cotton flag printed with the USA flag design  
  • Mounted to a wooden stick with two staples  
  • Rounded, gold spear topper  
  • Measures 18” from the base of the flag to the spear tip  
  • Made in the USA  


FAQ About our Handheld American Flags For Sale 


Our Flag Pros can answer any questions you have about our mini handheld 6”x9” or help you place any bulk orders. Fill out our contact us form for any answers to your questions.  

1. Are these flags suitable for outdoor use?  

Absolutely! Our handheld American flags are designed to withstand outdoor conditions in the short-term. However, it's recommended to bring them indoors during extreme weather to prolong their lifespan. 

2. Are these flags suitable for children?  

Yes, our handheld American flags are suitable for all ages. Their lightweight design and safe materials make them easy to handle for children and adults alike. But if you are looking for something even more suitable for kids, view our safety style mini–U.S. Flag. 

3. Can I use these flags for educational purposes?  


Absolutely! Our handheld American flags are great for teaching about national pride, history, and flag etiquette in classrooms or educational settings. 

4. Can I get a discount on bulk orders?  


Yes, you can get quality discounts on our 6”x9” handheld American flags for sale when you order in bulk. Bulk discounts start on orders as small as 12 and run up to 50% off! Enter your quantity and the discount will automatically be applied to qualifying orders.  

5. Are these flags appropriate for Memorial Day and Independence Day celebrations?  

Absolutely, our handheld American flags are perfect for both Memorial Day and Independence Day events. Make our stick flags the staple of your next patriotic event when you shop at Carrot-Top. With their quality construction, fray-resistant design, and large size, our 6”x9” handheld flags make a huge statement! 

These American handheld stick flags are perfect for any setting. We especially recommend using them at your next parade, rally, or patriotic holiday. Small American flags make great party decorations during the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any other patriotic holiday. You can also use these flags to spruce up your home, yard, or business. Just place the wood stick anywhere you wish, and you have the perfect patriotic decoration.  


6. Do you sell handheld state and military flags?  


Yes, while our handheld American flags are our most popular, our mini flags also come in state flag, international flag, and military flag designs.  



Look at These Alternative Products from Carrot-Top Flags!  


Our 6”x9” cotton flag is not the only handheld American flag we have for sale. Check out these alternative products! 


U.S. cemetery flags 

U.S. cemetery flags traditionally honor our nation's heroes at their final resting places. These small USA flags are built for all-weather conditions and temporarily mark the gravesites of the deceased. Display alone or paired with a grave marker to pay your respects. Our cemetery American stick flags without stitches provide the perfect display for any memorial location at a lower cost. 

Economical mini U.S. flags  


You can also display your patriotic spirit on the go with our economical U.S. mini flags. These 4”x6“ USA stick flags come in three materials and cost just over $1 each. Hand them out at your next parade, sports game, or national holiday without spending a fortune. 

Safety-style mini U.S. flags 

We also offer safety-style mini U.S. flags for sale. These flags come on a plastic staff and feature a plastic ball top to be more suitable for children. Check out our category page for more information on our small American flags for sale.  


Prepare for Independence Day and Beyond with Carrot-Top Industries! 


Make Carrot-Top your one-stop shop for all patriotic decorations! In addition to our small American flags on sticks, we have several products that are made in America. 

Our outdoor American flags are popular with customers. They come in high-quality fabrics that last through harsh weather. Our most popular outdoor American flags include our heavy-duty Patriarch® polyester U.S. flags and Beacon® nylon American flags. Both American flags boast hand-sewn stripes, embroidered stars, two rust-resistant brass grommets, and a six-month guarantee to outlast the competition. 

If you need help finding the right flag for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Flag Pros via our contact us form! 

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