How to Add a Coupon Code to Your Order

Carrot-Top Industries is proud to offer discounts on our various products throughout the year. Here is how to apply your unique coupon codes to your order!

Promo Code Instruction Video Script

1. Once you have all your items in your cart and you are ready to proceed and place your order, click on your cart in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Once the dialogue box is opened to display the items in your cart, click check out.

2. This should bring you to a screen with a summary box on the right-hand side of the page, stating your subtotal, shipping, tax, and order totals. Underneath the order total, you will find a place to enter your promo code.

3. If the field does not immediately appear, click the down arrow directly below the dollar amount listed as the total, and the field will then expand to show a box where your promo code will be entered.

4. Your promo code is specific to your account and are only available for one-time use. This means that if you should see a promo code on the internet, Carrot-Top will not be able to validate the use of the promo code.

5. Promo codes are not case sensitive; however, the dashes that appear between characters do need to be entered for the code to be validated. If you receive a promo code through email, our website does allow the copy-paste function from email in the promo code field.

6. Once you have entered your promo code, into the field, you will select Apply, and the discount amount will be applied to your order.

7. Once you have selected Apply, the discount total field will appear above the shipping and tax totals.

8. You will then be able to continue your checkout process as normal.

Thank you for choosing Carrot-Top for your patriotic and custom needs!

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