Brigadier™ Indoor U.S. Flag Set

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Full Product Details of our Brigadier™ Indoor U.S. Flag Set: 

Craft a distinguished and sophisticated indoor flag display with our Brigadier™ Indoor U.S. Flag Set, a symbol of unmatched quality and elegance. Ideal for military functions, graduation ceremonies, and official events, this set adds a touch of professionalism and honor to any indoor setting.

  • Creates a sleek, professional flag display 
  • Includes American-made U.S.A. flag with a stunning gold fringe, eye-catching embroidered stars, and meticulously sewn stripes 
  • Designed for indoor and parade use 
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Why Buy a Brigadier™ Indoor U.S. Flag Set? 


Our Brigadier™ indoor American flag sets have received high reviews from several customers who demand the pinnacle of quality from their flags. Perfect for schools, military bases, churches, and others who require highly formal flag displays, Brigadier™ flag sets come with everything you need to display your U.S. flag indoors.  

The flag included in the set is 100% U.S.A-made and features a lustrous gold fringe and bold, eye-catching colors that reflect the traditions of Old Glory. Perfectly matching our military Brigadier™ flag sets, our Brigadier™ Indoor U.S. Flag Set is an impactful way to pay tribute to the brave men and women who fought for our country. Its flagpole detaches from its base, so you can easily carry it during parades and official ceremonies.  

Each world-class Brigadier™ U.S.A. mounting set has high-quality components including:

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