The City of Gibraltar flag’s design is a reminder of the area’s early history. With many steamboats crossing the Great Lakes by 1837, the U.S. government appropriated funds for a lighthouse at the mouth of the Detroit River in Gibraltar to aid in navigation. The orange circle behind the lighthouse represents the setting sun with the water below and the V-formation of a skein of geese flying across.

About the City of Gibraltar, Michigan

As the “Venice of Michigan”, Gibraltar has 5 miles of canals, wetlands and streams. Located along I-75 and having a well developed rail infrastructure, the town is very accessible for commerce, business and residential development. Within an hour’s drive of many major cities in both Michigan and Ohio, its real appeal is its location on Lake Erie and adjacent to the Detroit River. Here you can “interact with nature” on North America’s only National Wildlife Refuge!

Locally owned and operated, Carrot-Top Industries has been serving business and government since 1980.
We are delighted to partner with the City of Gibraltar to offer products that express the pride we all have in our community and country.