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Stars & stripes swap program

Let us Retire Your Flag Today! 

Let Carrot-Top Industries make retiring your flag the proper way easy! We are pleased to offer our Stars & Stripes Swap Program so you can send your old or tattered U.S. flag to us to be disposed of properly. We will send you a prepaid label. All you have to do is box up your flag and send it back to us. No more searching or wondering what to do with your worn flags! 

Save Time with our Swap Program 

No need to waste any more time looking for the best method for American flag disposal! Get those worn, tattered or aged flags out of your storage closet and make sure that they are retired properly! Carrot-Top ensures that when your American flag is sent to us through our Stars & Stripes Swap Program, new and old flags alike are taken care of and retired in the best way possible, in accordance with U.S. Flag Code! 

Make Sure You Follow Flag Code with Carrot-Top 

When your American flag is torn or faded, it is time to retire your flag and start displaying a new, high-quality one that is sure to dazzle all near and far! Carrot-Top's Stars & Stripes Swap Program ensures that you are following U.S. Flag Code by retiring your American flag! 

Retiring an American flag means that when a flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way. The best way to handle your American flag retirement is by burning it. 

You should not dispose of your American flag by throwing it in the trash. Flags stand for those who fought for and gave their lives to protect our liberties and rights, they should always be treated with respect. Discarding of the American flag by simply disposing of it does not follow U.S. Flag Code or honor and respect the American flag. 

Easy Process 

Our Stars & Stripes Swap Program is a great and easy method for your American flag disposal! Fill out our Contact Us Form to get the process started! We will reach out to you and send you a prepaid label. From there, you will box up your old flag that you would like to retire, apply the prepaid shipping label provided and mail it back to Carrot-Top! 

Help a Worthy Cause! 

When you select a flag from Carrot-Top Industries, you can be assured that you are supporting a worthy cause! Carrot-Top gives back to those in need with a portion of each American flag sale being donated to a worthy cause! Our American flags are always proudly Made in the USA. 

Each of our American flags is backed by the Flag Manufacturers Association of America! A Carrot-Top American flag with the FMAA's "Certified Made in the USA" seal guarantees that every stage of its production was carried out utilizing domestic resources at US facilities and US labor. You can be certain that your flag was not imported when you purchase one bearing the FMAA Certified seal. 

Contact us Today! 

Let us assist you today in your search for the best way to retire your American flag! Leave a detailed message in our Contact Us Form and one of our Customer Care Representatives will reach out to you promptly. If our Stars & Stripes Swap Program is not what you are looking for, feel free to check our blog, which discusses the different proper methods to dispose of an American flag

We have over forty years of experience and cannot wait to share our expertise to guide you in your flag retirement process, your flag buying process or anything in between! Don’t wait to get in touch!