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What to Prepare for with Delivery and Self-Installation of Your Flagpole

At Carrot-Top Industries, we are happy to share our expertise, technical knowledge, and support during the delivery and installation of your flagpole, although we DO NOT provide installation services. The following tips, suggestions, and instructions will prepare you for a smooth and safe flagpole delivery and installation.

So You Purchased a Flagpole

All Carrot-Top’s flagpoles are shipped via motor freight, with the exception of our residential flagpoles, which are shipped via UPS or FedEx. As a service to our customers, Carrot-Top seeks the best possible shipping rate for delivery of every product. We are constantly searching for new ways to reduce the shipping cost of our flagpoles without compromising our standards of safety and care.

Any flagpole over 35’ is manufactured in multiple sections. Carrot-Top offers our 30’ and 35’ external halyard flagpoles in either one- or two-piece designs. The two-piece configuration is priced higher; however, that extra cost is offset by lower shipping costs. Please note that engineering analysis and real-world experience shows two-piece poles to be just as rigid and stable as a one-piece flagpole in high winds.

Preparing for Delivery of your Flagpole

Before Your Flagpole Arrives

1) Identify where you want to install your flagpole, keeping in mind that flagpoles should be installed in firm soil. If in doubt, you may want to consult with a construction professional or engineer about your soil type, drainage, and depth of topsoil.

2) Check for underground and overhead power lines, trees, and other objects in the area, which may obstruct the view or interfere with your flagpole and cause safety concerns.

3) Look for anything that might affect lighting of the flagpole. If you plan on using solar lighting, ensure your flagpole will receive enough sunlight to charge the solar panel.

4) Contact your Insurance Carrier about coverage of your flagpole on your property and be sure to check for any city building codes or neighborhood-association covenants. Obtain any permits needed before starting.

5) Call Before you dig! Call 811 or visit the 811 website. An 811 representative will notify utility companies as well as schedule an inspection of your flagpole installation site to mark any buried lines.

When Your Flagpole Arrives

1) Make sure at least two people are present to unload the components from the delivery truck.

  • A lift gate is not required for flagpole delivery.
  • Carriers are not responsible for unloading any items.
  • Remove the flagpole, accessories, and all other components from packaging including:
    • Flagpole shaft (wrapped in brown paper in a corrugated tube)
    • PVC ground sleeve or steel ground sleeve
    • Accessories packaged in cardboard box separately

2) Inspect each item for possible damage and ensure all parts are included by using the flagpole delivery checklist.

  • Examine the flagpole's packaging for external damage.
  • Remove pole from all packaging and look for any concealed damage.
  • Inspect accessories and check for missing components.

If Scratches or Dents are Found on the Flagpole: refuse delivery and ask the driver to return the shipment to the sender. Please note the reason for returning the flagpole on the bill of lading and contact us right away.

Carrot-Top allows up to three (3) calendar days for customers to report any errors in packaging or damages that may have occurred during shipment of your flagpole. If you spot damage within three (3) calendar days of accepting delivery, call Carrot-Top immediately. We will initiate any claims regarding damages.

If Accessories are Damaged: they must be listed on the driver’s bill of lading prior to signing the paperwork and accepting delivery of the items. Please do not refuse delivery due to a damaged accessory. Contact us and we will gladly ship out replacement accessories at no additional cost to you.

3) If no damages are found, sign and accept delivery of your flagpole.

4) Be sure to remove your flagpole from the corrugated packaging. Do not store your flagpole while it is in the packaging as this will permanently stain your flagpole if it becomes wet.

5) If you require special notification prior to delivery, contact our Customer Care Center at 800-628-3524. Additional fees may apply.

Installing Your Flagpole

Now that your flagpole has arrived and all the parts have been accounted for and inspected, it is time to install your flagpole. Installation instructions specific to your flagpole will be included in packaging. For further details see the links below.


811 is a free service offered by local utility providers. A technician will visit your location and inspect the site you have selected for your flagpole installation to safeguard against damage to underground power lines. Install your flagpole in firm soil. If you have questions, feel free to contact our Customer Care Center or visit the official 811 website.

You are responsible to check for nearby overhead power lines and ensure that any obstacles are far away from the installation site. If the flagpole shaft hits or contacts power lines during the install, you could be electrocuted.

Carrot-Top suggests and/or requires that customers obtain the following items to make sure your flagpole installation is successful:

  • Waterproof cement
  • 2-3 Wooden Wedges
  • Play sand
  • Leveling tool
  • Silicone caulking (clear or matching the finish of the flagpole)

For multiple piece poles, we suggest having on hand silicone lubricant or dishwashing liquid, sand paper, and blocks or a sawhorse. PLEASE NOTE THAT CARROT-TOP INDUSTRIES DOES NOT PROVIDE INSTALLATION. THESE ARE MERELY GUIDELINES TO SELF-INSTALL YOUR FLAGPOLE.

Flagpole Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing Carrot-Top Commercial Grade Flagpoles

Fine-Line Flagpoles – Download Instructions

  • Exceptional flagpole choice at an affordable price with Lifetime Guarantee on shaft of flagpole

Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpoles – Download Instructions

  • Excellent for light to moderate wind areas with Lifetime Guarantee on shaft

Majestic™ Architectural Flagpole – Download Instructions

  • Great choice for high wind areas with Lifetime Guarantee on the shaft

Majestic™ Extreme Flagpoles – Download Instructions

  • Withstands the harshest conditions with Lifetime Guarantee on the shaft

Instructions for Installing Other Carrot-Top Flagpoles

Sentry Flagpoles – Download Instructions for installing Sentry Flagpoles

Excell™ Flagpoles – Download Instructions for ion installing Excell™ Flagpoles

Nautical Flagpoles – Download Instructions for installing Nautical Flagpoles

Hinged-Base Fiberglass Pole – Download Instructions for installing Hinged-Base Fiberglass Flagpoles

Ground Sleeve Fiberglass Pole – Download Instructions for installing Ground Sleeve Fiberglass Flagpoles

Wall Mounted Vertical or Outrigger Flagpoles

20’ and 25’ Sectional Fine-Line Flagpole – Download Instructions on installing Sectional Fine-Line Flagpole

20’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole - Download Instructions on installing 20’ American Made Fiberglass Flagpole

Learn how to easily install flagpoles by watching our instructional video below.

Carrot-Top thanks you for choosing our high-quality flags and flagpoles to enhance your location. Our Majestic™ flagpoles have a lifetime guarantee and will look great for years to come. View our Repair and Maintenance Page for advice on how to preserve the appearance of your flagpole display. Contact us regarding replacing any parts and accessories for your flagpole or purchasing any of our Patriotic, Special Event, and Custom Products™. View our Flag Etiquette page for guidelines and instructions on how to properly display and care for the American flag. For more detailed assistance with any of our products and services call 800-628-3524 and speak with a Customer Care Professional.

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