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The Oregon State flag reflects the ideals and history of the “Beaver State” with honor. The Oregon flag is the only two-sided U.S. state flag due to the different designs on each side. The flag contains a navy blue field on both sides with a beaver, the Oregon state animal, on the reverse side and a heart shaped shield on the front with thirty-three stars surround the shield. The shield pictures the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean with mountains and forests. A covered wagon pays homage to the early pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail and settled the state. The plow, wheat and a pickax represent Oregon's farming and mining. In the background, a British warship departs as an American steam ship arrives. This symbolizes the transfer of the territory from the British to the U.S. The Oregon flag is emblazoned with the words “State of Oregon” and 1859, the year Oregon became a state.

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