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Look no further than Carrot-Top Industries for the best quality and selection of Made in America U.S. flags for sale. Our exclusive line of American flags, the Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester brands, features an unmatched 6-month warranty against defects, fading, or tearing. We also offer a great selection of American flags from other top brands in the industry, including Annin, Valley Forge, and Eder Flag.

Do you need to order several American flags for your town, city, business, school, or government agency? Get started by reading our complete guide to buying an American flag below.

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When you want to display the American flag somewhere inside or outside of your office, it’s easy to assume picking that flag will be easy. But once you begin your search, you realize quickly that the process is more involved than you thought.

Buying a flag seems straightforward. Flags are pretty much all the same, right? Wrong. While U.S. flags are identical in design, they vary widely in thickness, type of material, quality, and more. If you want your flag display to look not only attractive, but also maintain its quality long-term, you must consider these and many other factors.

First, you need to determine whether you want to display the flag indoors or outdoors. Next, think about how you’d like to display the flag. For example, are you envisioning an inground flagpole set up outside of your office building? A large flag affixed to an empty wall? Hung above the entrance to your building? Small flags to sit on your employees’ desks? Getting clear on where and how you want to display the flag will make it easier to address the next set of decisions you’ll have to make when shopping for the flag. These factors include type of fabric, size, manufacturing process, and accessories.

While searching for the right American flag for sale is probably more involved than you thought, you made the first right step by reading our shopping guide. We created this guide based on our 40 years of experience in the flag industry–to make it easier and faster for business owners to purchase an American flag that’s right for your space, add an attractive touch of American pride to your office, and remain in great shape for a long time.

Table of Contents

Which Type of Fabric is Best for My American Flag Needs?

The American flag sure has seen some things over the years. That includes the various materials in which it was manufactured. In years past, the flag was made of linen, wool, and silk. The original Betsy Ross flag was made with was made of cotton during Civil War times. While those materials probably made pretty cool flags, the needs of Americans and our country’s manufacturing capabilities of some of the nation’s largest flag makers such as Annin, Valley Forge, and Eder flag makers have changed. Today, the most popular flag materials are nylon and polyester.

Which one should you choose for your needs? That depends on how you intend to use or display the stars and stripes,as well as your desired flag performance. Our Flag Buying Guide is a great resource to help you make your U.S. flag purchasing decision.

Nylon American Flag Benefits and Examples

The biggest benefit of nylon is that it’s a durable material that can withstand moderate wind and weather conditions, while maintaining color richness and a soft feel. For example, if you’d like to hang a large flag above the outdoor entrance to your office building in an area with low to moderate wind, we recommend nylon. As long as the flag is well made, with Nyl-Glo nylon in particular, it will hold up on days with slightly harsher weather while still blowing beautifully in the wind and looking great close-up to passersby. If you’re not as interested in a flag waving in the breeze and want to express your patriotism indoors, nylon is also a great choice. An indoor flag would look wonderful on a standalone flagpole in a meeting room or hanging on a wall in a waiting room.

Need some more inspiration for nylon flags? Mount them on slow-moving parade vehicles. Decorate high-traffic office areas with handheld nylon flags. If your business is located in an area with light to moderate weather, line the path up to your office building with in-ground nylon flags. The beauty of nylon is in its versatility. Whether you envision your flag blowing proudly outside in many types of weather or standing stoically inside, you can trust that a nylon flag will maintain its sturdiness, vibrancy, and softness.

Expert Recommendation for Nylon U.S. Flag

Need an expert recommendation for a high-quality nylon flag made in the United States? Consider Carrot-Top’s Beacon® premium line of nylon flags. Crafted by our flag makers with 40 years of experience in the flag industry, these best-selling Carrot-Top nylon flags are:

  • Protected by our 6-month guarantee. This coverage provides flag repair or replacement upon the occurrence of fading, tears, and other defects.
  • Fade-resistant materials and colors.
  • Hand-sewn and embroidered stripes and stars, and reinforced stitching that provides extra aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • All-brass grommets.

Polyester American Flag Benefits and Examples

When it comes to outdoor flag needs, especially in areas with harsh or extreme weather conditions, polyester is the best choice. Heavier and more durable than nylon, polyester has been dyed and treated to be resistant to the effects of extreme heat, sun, cold, wind, rain, and more. We recommend purchasing a polyester national flag if you envision hanging or displaying outside all day every day. Great display options for polyester American flags include hanging it on an in-ground flagpole outside of your office building, mounting it on company powerboats and sailboats, or displaying it on a flagpole installed outside of your office window. Since polyester is heavier than nylon, more wind is required for polyester American flags to fly. If you’re looking for the aesthetic of the flag blowing with pride, you’ll need to hang it in an area with regular, moderate-to-harsh winds. That’s why our recommended use cases for polyester American flags are all outdoors and in environments with wind and harsher weather elements.

It’s also important to know that while polyester flags are designed to retain their color and vibrancy amidst strong weather conditions, they don’t look as color rich up close as nylon flags. Polyester is a coarser material, which makes the flag colors look slightly different than flags made from nylon. Again, that’s why polyester American flags are best hung and displayed outdoors. If constructed with a high-quality fabric, meaning Tough-Tex, two-ply polyester, and inspected regularly for fraying or tears, the fabric and colors of your flag will stay in great shape for years.

Expert Recommendation for Polyester U.S. Flag

If you’re looking for a well-made, long-lasting, American-made polyester flag that holds up in all kinds of environments, consider Carrot-Top’s Patriarch® line of polyester flags. These premium flags are Carrot-Top’s best sellers and designed with the utmost care, quality, and attention to detail.

  • Covered under our 6-month guarantee that provides flag repair or replacement if fading, tears, or defects occur.
  • Brightly saturated and fade-resistant colors.
  • Carefully sewn stripes and embroidered stars that protect against fraying and increase durability.
  • Brass, rust-resistant grommets.
  • Cotton American Flag Benefits and Examples

    Nothing pays homage to the original Old Glory quite like an American flag made of cotton. Cotton fabric showcases traditional patriotic colors, stars, and stripes beautifully. If you envision a flag display that reminds viewers of older times and fills them with reverence for America, a flag made of cotton is the perfect choice. Aside from displaying colors and design elegantly, cotton is also easy to wash or dry clean, soft to the touch, and easy to drape. In fact, cotton flags are the traditional choice for draping over caskets during memorial services.

    It’s important to note that cotton fabric is not suited for all types of weather or being hung or displayed outside for long periods of time. While cotton is a durable fabric, colors can bleed when a cotton flag becomes wet and takes quite a while to dry. Additionally, cotton wrinkles easily and weakens under prolonged exposure to the sun.

    Popular display and use ideas for a cotton American flag include hanging it from a flagpole outside during mild weather, displaying it in a covered deck or patio, lining a pathway or driveway with mini flags for a special occasion, draping it in a prominent place in your home, or waving it from the crowd at a parade.

    Expert Recommendation for Cotton U.S. Flag

    Carrot-Top’s Cotton American Flag is the perfect choice if you want your flag display to emulate the look and feel of flags of the past. Made from heavyweight, high-quality cotton cloth with a matte finish, our cotton flag holds up best in long-term indoor displays or short-term use outdoors. The Visalia Public Cemetery contacted Carrot-Top to use our cotton US flags as part of their Avenue of Flags display.

    • U.S.A. made
    • Individually embroidered stars and sewn stripes
    • Fray-resistant stitching
    • Strong canvas heading and all-brass grommets

    How Long Will My U.S. Flag Last?

    The answer to this question depends upon several factors: the fabric of your flag, the environment in which you fly it, and how often you care for it. Official U.S. government standards estimate that flags made of nylon or cotton last about 90 days in outdoors from sunrise to sunset during mild weather before showing signs of wear. This is why taking care when choosing the fabric of your flag is so important. If you bring your nylon flag inside at night or display your flag indoors, the lifespan of the flag will be much longer. If you’d like to fly your flag outdoors most, if not all, of the time, choosing a flag made of polyester will greatly increase its lifetime.

    Proper care of your flag also has a significant influence on how long your flag lasts. If you choose fabric that is designed for long-term outdoor or indoor use, inspect your flag every 2-3 months for spots in need of repair, fix tears or frays immediately before they get worse, bring your flag inside during severe weather, and have your flag cleaned regularly, you can expect a flag lifespan of longer than 90 days.
    Another great way to prolong your flag’s life is to have it inspected and repaired by true flag experts. When shopping for your flag, look for a company that provides some sort of protection against wear and tear. That’s exactly what we provide at Carrot-Top with our 6-month guarantee. This coverage includes the repair of any defects, fading, and tears of your flag from your date of purchase. When your flag is in the hands of our expert flag makers with more than 40 years of experience, you can trust that your flag will last as long as possible.

    What Size American Flag Should I Buy For My Business?

    So far, you’ve made two important decisions: whether you’ll be flying indoors or outdoor American flags, and whether you’ll be purchasing a flag made of nylon or polyester. Now it’s time to decide what size flag and/or flagpole best suits your needs. This part of choosing an American flag for sale can be intimidating, which we understand. Stay with us. We use our 40+ years of experience in the American flag industry to break down everything you need to know.

    The fastest way to determine American flag sizing is to answer two questions:

    1. Are you a government agency or military base? Yes or No.

    2. Do you have a flagpole? Yes or No.

    Flag Sizing For Government Agencies and Military Bases

    As a government agency or military base, you’ll need to select a flag size according to the correct Government Specification, or G-Spec™. Originally manufactured by Valley Forge and now widely across the country, G-Spec™ flags are a bit different than American flags that everyday consumers or business owners purchase. The biggest difference is the 1:1.9 ratio of hoist, or width, and fly, or length.

    What does 1:1.9 mean in the flag world? For G-Spec™ flags, US Code Title 4 mandates that every stripe should be 1/13 of the width of the hoist, or the top-to-bottom width of the entire flag. The flag’s stars need to be 4/5 the width of the stripes. Finally, the blue part of the flag, also known as the union or the canton, must be the width of seven stripes and 2/5 the length of the fly, or the flag length from left to right. Whew, that was pretty technical. Don’t worry. As long as you buy a certified G-Spec™ flag, you can rest assured that your flag’s proportions meet government standards.

    All you need to do is choose your desired size. When it comes to the actual size of your flag, Executive Order 10834 mandates that government agencies and military bases should fly only the following sizes:

    Flag Sizing For Non-Government Businesses

    If you’re not purchasing the flag to fly at a government agency or military base, flag sizing is more flexible. The primary factors that will dictate your flag size choice is the size of the space your flag will hang or be displayed, the U.S. flag aesthetic you desire to have at your business, and whether you have an existing flagpole. Regarding flagpole sizing, U.S. flags that are flown from a flagpole typically come in sizes from 2’ x 3’ up to 12’ x 18’. If you prefer a larger display, flags as large as 50’ x 80’ from a flagpole are also common.

    Top-Selling Flags for Private and Non-Government Organizations

    For specific flag size for your private business or organization outside of the government, check out our expert recommendations below:

    Beacon® Premium Nylon U.S. Flags

    3x5 ft.
    5x8 ft.
    4x6 ft.

    Patriarch® Premium U.S. Flags

    3x5 ft.
    4x6 ft.
    5x8 ft.

    Flagpole Sizing for American Flags

    Below are our recommendations for flagpole height based on the size of your flag. As per official flag display guidelines, the length of the flag needs to be at least one quarter the height of the pole.

    Whether you have a flagpole already or you need to purchase one, our recommendations will help you make sure your U.S. flag is displayed at your place of business correctly and beautifully.

    Expert Recommendation for Flagpoles

    We can’t talk about flagpole sizing without recommending our Majestic™ Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpole. If you’re looking for an in-ground, commercial aluminum flagpole that provides a high level of quality at a convenient price, this flagpole is the perfect option.

    Designed for schools, businesses, and entrances to government buildings in areas with light to moderate wind, the Majestic™ Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpole ranges in sizes from 20-80 ft. It also comes in finishes of satin, clear anodized, bronze anodized, or black anodized. The best part? The flagpole shafts are covered by Carrot-Top’s lifetime guarantee.

    How Much Do American Flags for Sale Cost and Why?

    Now it’s time to address one of the most common questions we receive: how much will this thing cost? Fortunately, pricing is one of the simplest parts of the flag shopping process to determine. The price of your flag is based mostly on the factors you’ve already clarified: material, size, and whether you need a flagpole. Unsurprisingly, U.S. flags made of polyester are more expensive than those made of nylon, as polyester is a thicker material designed for heavy duty outdoor use. Also unsurprisingly, the larger the flag or flagpole size, the higher the price.

    Breakdown of Flag Pricing

    To help you budget, we can provide sample pricing you can expect if you buy a U.S. nylon or polyester flag from Carrot-Top.

    American Flag Pricing from Carrot-Top:

  • U.S. Nylon flags
  • SizePriceSKU / Link
    2 x 3$36.49AA120
    3 x 5$41.99AA130
    4 x 6$60.49AA135

  • U.S. Polyester flags

    SizePriceSKU / Link
    3 x 5$62.99AA230-NA
    4 x 6$80.99AA235-NA
  • Flagpoles

  • MaterialSizePrice
    Aluminum20 - 80 Feet$1,324.99 to $17,124.99
    Fiberglass20 - 60 Feet$899.99 to $7,654.99

    Ways To Save On American Flags

    If pricing is a barrier in your flag purchase decision, here are three considerations:

    • Buy Quality. We all know what it’s like to purchase a product from a cheap brand thinking that we’re saving money, only for that product to break or not work optimally, leaving us to pay more money to have it fixed or to purchase another one completely. You can avoid this trap when shopping for an American flag for sale. The first way to save money on a U.S. flag is to purchase one from a flag-specific business in the USA, not a big box store or a company overseas. Most local flag retailers use high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques. When shopping for your nylon or polyester American flag, look for these terms and features that indicate high-quality materials and manufacturing:
    • Nyl-Glo 200 denier nylon or Tough-Tex, two-ply polyester
    • Reinforced, anti fray stitching
    • Hand sewn or hand embroidered stars and stripes
    • Made in USA Some type of warranty or guarantee
    • Some type of warranty or guarantee
    • Professional certifications. For example, Carrot-Top is a member of the National Independent Flag Dealers Association, and all of our flags are certified under the Flag Manufacturers Association of America.
    • Buy in Bulk. Buying several flags at once will also help you save money. Maybe you purchase a backup flag so that you never miss a day of hanging it. Maybe you have multiple areas in and around your office where you can display the American flag. If you purchase multiple flags, you not only save money, but you also save time on having to find American flags for sale again. Win-win! At Carrot-Top, we offer the following bulk discounts for many of our flags.

    Here are the discounts available for our 3ftx5ft nylon American flag:

    12 - 35$34.25
    36+ $32.25

    Follow Care Tips. To keep your American flag in the best condition possible so that you don’t have to buy another one for years, care is required. Follow these tips:

    • Choose the right material for your flag needs. For example, for use outdoors with regularly harsh wind and weather, choose a polyester U.S. flag.
    • Inspect your flag every 2-3 months for tears and fraying. Even small tears or frays can be a problem, as they tend to spread. Trim and if needed, hem any torn or frayed areas.
    • Clean your flag regularly of smoke, dirt, dust, and other contaminants that get into the fabric. You can hand wash your outdoor flag by using warm water and mild soap, then spreading out the flag out to dry. For indoor flags, we recommend professional dry-cleaning.
    • If you’re looking for larger American flags for sale of at least 12 ft x 18 ft, consider purchasing two flags. In our experience, large flags have a longer life when they are given rest periods. Having two flags means you’ll always have one to fly when one is resting or in repair. Plus, purchasing two flags could give you a bulk discount.

    Why Should I Buy U.S. Flags Made in USA?

    In our opinion, if there’s one product you should buy in America, it’s the flag. Our great county is where the very first American flag was constructed. Still today, when it comes to quality and pricing, there’s simply nothing like American flags made in the USA. When you’re looking for American flags for sale, the best use of your time and money is to find a flag made in the U.S. More foreign countries make American flags than people realize. While they boast cheap prices, on the flag of the United States, their flags are made with low quality materials, manufacturing processes, and non-American workers. When you purchase a flag made in a foreign country, you will likely need to replace that flag more often, defeating your original goal of saving money on a less expensive flag.

    As a local flag retailer who has been in business for over 40 years, we’ve had many customers come to Carrot-Top after having negative experiences with USA flags they purchased from companies overseas. They feel burned by cheap materials that could not withstand long-term outdoor or even indoor use. We provide customers with U.S. flags made by an American labor force, top quality materials and even a six-month guarantee, which covers repairs for flag tears, frays, or defects.

    How Do I Display my American Flag in my Business?

    Now that you’ve clarified what type and size of U.S. flag best suits your needs, as well as where in your business you’d like to hang or display it, it’s time to learn the rules and etiquette you need to follow when displaying the flag. As a symbol of American freedom, the flag is honored and respected in specific ways, as advised by the U.S. government. Below are the rules, guidelines, and best practices you need to know.

    American Flag Display Rules and Etiquette

  • Flagpole with another State, Local, Or Organization Flag: If you’re hanging the American flag on the same flagpole as a state, city or organization/company flag, the U.S. flag is hung at the top of the pole, above the other flags. This gives the American flag the most honorable position.
  • Flagpole with Flags of Other Nations: When flying the American flag with flags of other nations, each nation’s flag is hung on a separate flagpole. All flags should be displayed at the same height, as it’s inappropriate to hang one country’s flag higher or in a superior position to another. USA flags are displayed to their own right, or the viewer’s left.
  • Windows or Walls: For wall or window flag displays, whether hung vertically or horizontally, the union, or the blue field of the American flag, should be to the viewer’s left.
  • Group of Flags: In a group of 5 or more standing flags or on staffs, the U.S. flag should be placed at the center and highest point.
  • Platforms and Podiums: If displaying the flag on a staff on a platform or stage with a podium, the flag should be placed to the speaker’s right, or the audience’s left. If the flag is displayed vertically or flat, it should be hung above and behind the speaker. Additional flags should be placed to the right of the American flag, whether on a staff or hung.
  • Types of Flags to Pair With USA Flags

    Sometimes flying the flag by itself in all its glory is all you need. Sometimes you need to pair your U.S. flag with another type of flag. The importance of building community and inspiration among your employees, partners, and passers-by cannot be underestimated. Plus, displaying the American flag with state flags, city flags, or military flags also add touches of pride and appeal to your setup. To ensure you purchase the highest quality, made in USA flags possible, check out our various types of flag options below:

  • State Flags
  • City Flags
  • Military Flags
  • Checklist to Find the Right USA Flags

    Use our checklist below to search for American flags for sale, purchase the one that best suits your needs, and enjoy displaying the flag at your company for years to come. Don’t begin your search for American flags without answering these questions.

    1. Will you be flying the flag primarily indoors or outdoors?
    2. Is your business located in an area with severe wind and weather conditions?
    3. Are you a government or non-government organization?
    4. Do you need to purchase a flagpole?
    5. Are the flags you’re considering made in the United States?
    6. Does your potential flag retailer offer any guarantee that covers repairs or possible replacements? (Carrot-Top does!)

    When Will I Receive My Flag or Flagpole from Carrot-Top After I Place My Order?

    We love this question. It means you’re excited to receive your USA made flag or flagpole from Carrot-Top—and we’re just as excited to ship it to you. The Carrot-Top team monitors shipping rates daily in order to ship your order via the fastest and most affordable method, which will typically be one of the following:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx 2-Day Air
  • FedEx Next Day Air

  • The map below from indicates standard delivery times of Carrot-Top U.S. flags, flagpoles, and related products shipping from our manufacturing facility in North Carolina via UPS or FedEx.

    Carrot-Top Shipping FAQs

    How do very large products ship?
    Oversized products, such as larger flagpoles, are usually shipped via motor freight, which take about 1-2 weeks for delivery. A delivery date of 3 weeks is possible depending on the product size and the shipping carrier.

    What if I order an item and it’s out of stock?
    If you plan an order for multiple items and one of them is out of stock. the order will not ship until all products are in stock. Should you need your in-stock item sooner, we recommend that you place two separate orders. You will not be charged until the order ships.

    How long do custom items take to ship?
    Custom orders take 2-8 weeks to ship, plus the time it takes for Ground delivery. Shipping prices for custom orders depend on the size and weight of your item. If you need your item quickly, just give us a call at 800-628-3524. One of our sales professionals will be happy to assist you in getting your item to you as quickly as possible. Please note that rush fees may apply.

    Can I use my company’s business account for FedEx or UPS shipping?
    Absolutely! Please place your order by calling us at 800-628-3524 to use your FedEx or UPS business account.

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