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Full Product Details of Our Cotton U.S. Flags: 

Create breathtaking indoor and short-term displays with a flag that honors American heritage when you purchase our traditional cotton U.S. flags! These flags feature colors and materials similar to the original Old Glory, evoking a classic and timeless appearance. Now available in several sizes, including our traditional casket flag 5'x9.5', these flags are perfect for special occasions, flag display cases, and historical reenactments, adding a touch of patriotic elegance to any setting.

  • Heavyweight cotton perfect for long-term indoor displays 
  • Creates stunning displays for holidays or historical events 
  • Sizes range from 2'x3'8'x 12'. Traditional casket flag is 5'x9.5' 
  • Features a header and grommets for use with flagpoles 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Please note that cotton U.S. flags are not intended for all-weather use as the color of the flag can bleed if wet. 


Why Buy a Cotton Cloth American Flag? 


Customers find many reasons to purchase our classic cotton American flags. Don't hesitate to contact our Flag Pros for help choosing the right flag for your display needs. 

The Traditional Look and Feel of a Classic American Cotton Flag 

The traditional cotton American flag pays homage to the flags of the past, using heavyweight cotton and a matte finish reminiscent of flags throughout U.S. history. Notably, the 5'x9.5' cotton U.S. flag is traditionally employed in casket memorial services, symbolizing honor and remembrance. It's worth mentioning that the Visalia Public Cemetery chose our cotton flags for their Avenue of Flags display, showcasing the enduring significance and quality of these flags 


Highest Quality Cotton Flags 

Our cotton U.S. flags feature individually embroidered stars with back-stitch reinforcement and stripes, which are individually sewn together. They also feature a four-stitch fly end which is highly resistant to fraying. 

Strong Header and Canvas and Easy Installation with Flag Hooks 

The cotton American flag also features a canvas heading and brass-reinforced grommets. This flag is recommended to be used with snap hooks and a flagpole in indoor settings. The cotton cloth U.S. flag can also be displayed outdoors for a short time in dry weather. Brass grommets can be removed or added to any part of the cotton U.S. flag upon request. For more information, please fill out our contact us form, and one of our Flag Pros will reach out to you! 

Large Variety of American Flag Sizes 

Our cotton cloth American flags come in a variety of sizes. We offer the following flag sizes:2'x3', 2.5'x4', 3’x5’, 4'x6', 5'x8', 5'x9.5' (official government sizing for interment flag), 6'x10' and 8'x12'. 

Explore Other Products That Work with Our Cotton U.S. Flags! 

Our indoor flagpoles are perfect for displaying your cotton cloth U.S. flag. We also offer large commercial and residential flagpoles if you want to display your cotton cloth U.S. flag for a short time in dry weather. If you prefer to fly an outdoor, all-weather flag from your outdoor flagpole, buy our Beacon® Nylon American flag or Patriarch®Polyester American flags. Browse our American flags to find more indoor and outdoor U.S. flags options. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Cotton U.S. Flags 


Please read our FAQ before purchasing your cotton U.S. flag.  


1. Are cotton U.S. flags suitable for outdoor use?  


While cotton U.S. flags are primarily designed for indoor use due to their delicate nature, they can also be displayed outdoors for short periods, such as during special events or ceremonies. However, extended exposure to harsh weather conditions may cause the colors to fade and the fabric to deteriorate. 


2. How do I care for my cotton U.S. flag?  


To keep your cotton U.S. flag looking its best, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. If your flag becomes dirty, gently hand wash it using a mild detergent and cold water, then air dry it. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals.
3. What is the expected lifespan of a cotton U.S. flag?  

The lifespan of a cotton U.S. flag depends on various factors, including how frequently it's displayed outdoors and the weather conditions it's exposed to. With proper care and limited outdoor use, a cotton U.S. flag can last for several months to a few years. 


4. How do I attach my cotton flag to my flagpole?


The choice of how to hang your display depends on the type of flagpole you intend to use. For outdoor flagpoles, you can easily attach a cotton flag using snap hooks and halyard. If you're considering displaying your U.S. cotton flag indoors on a flagpole that's 1” or smaller in diameter, we recommend using flag collars. For larger indoor flagpoles, simply secure the flag with zip ties. 


5. What size is the typical funeral or casket flag? 


The standard flag used for funerals to drape over the casket is 5’x9.5' and is traditionally made from cotton. If it is a funeral of a military member, then please check with the ceremony director if a government-specified 5’x9.5' flag is required. 


7. How do I fold a flag for my display case?  


To respect the flag code, you must fold the flag so that it only shows the blue field. In our blog “What is the Proper Way to Fold an American Flag?” we go over the steps needed for a crisply folded American flag.  


Honor the American Tradition with Carrot-Top Flags! 

At Carrot-Top Industries, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with over 40 years' worth of knowledge and experience to help them uphold the flag code. Our Flag Pros will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For more information, please fill out our contact us form, and we will be in touch with you! 

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