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Improve the appearance of your house, business, or organization. Enhance the beauty of your landscape while showcasing your organization’s nationalistic pride. Shop with confidence, here at Carrot-Top Industries we have over 40 years of experience and offer an excellent warranty! We offer residential, commercial, and indoor flagpoles and accessories for just about everyone including government entities, schools, hospitals, businesses, and homeowners. You can also pair your flagpole with any of our top-selling American Flags. Don’t wait, show your patriotism today!

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Here at Carrot Top, we want to help make flag displays easy with a wide selection of flagpoles for sale. Whether for a business, home, school, hotel, hospital, or government entity, flying flags will enhance your curb appeal and demonstrate your patriotism. Most of our flagpoles are made right here in the USA!

Our commercial-grade flagpoles and sets come in various sizes (20' to 80') and halyard configurations (internal or external). All of our premium outdoor commercial flag poles are made of rust-resistant materials like fiberglass and aluminum and come backed with a fantastic warranty

We also have a variety of residential flagpoles for sale. Whether you want a house mounted display, a telescoping pole, or a permanent in-ground option, Carrot top has a wide selection to fit your needs. Stand out in your neighborhood with one of our many fine options.

Please read through our flagpole installation and delivery guide for more information to make setup a breeze! 

Pick Which Flagpole is Right for You with our Flagpole Buying Tips!

It doesn't have to be difficult to purchase a flagpole. With more than three decades of experience, Carrot-Top Industries can help ensure you get the right flagpole. Below is a checklist of factors to consider while selecting the ideal flagpole for your requirements.

  • Think about the height, butt diameter, and wall thickness of a flagpole that will work best for you. The butt diameter and wall thickness of your flagpole determine the structural integrity, stability, and ability to withstand strong winds. Generally speaking, your flagpole should be at least 5 to 10 feet taller than its surroundings.

  • Consider what you would like to display on your flagpole. If you plan on flying more than one flag, you will likely want to take that into consideration when choosing a flagpole.

  • Pick a material and finish of the flagpole depending on characteristics like local wind speeds, varying climatic exposure, and any aesthetic or personal considerations.

  • Decide on either internal or external Halyard placement. The halyard is the rope or wire that raises and lowers the flag. External halyards are typically cheaper and easier to use, whereas internal halyards have a cleaner look, are less easily tampered with, and make less noise in the wind.

  • Pick a type of installation that is appropriate or aesthetically preferred for your setting. You can choose from a Ground Set, Shoe Base, Hinge Base, or Wall Mount.

Still not sure which Flagpole is right for you? We at Carrot Top offer a comprehensive flagpole buying guide so you can be sure to get the perfect flagpole for your needs!

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We are backed by over forty years of knowledge and experience here at Carrot-Top Industries. We are eager to reach out to you and assist you in your flagpole purchase, please contact us with any questions you may have regarding a purchase. We carry more than just flagpoles for sale, don't forget to check out our selections of American flags made in the USA, as well as custom flags and state flags for you to fly! We also have a variety of flagpole parts and accessories so you can be proud of your display!

Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.