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$20.49 to $8,527.99

Full Products Details of our Beacon® Nylon American Flag:  

Beacon® Nylon American Flags are our best all-around flag due to their ability to create spectacular displays in many types of weather and wind conditions. These flags are crafted from tightly woven SolarGuard® 200 denier nylon that holds its vibrancy when competitor flags fade. Due to their unparallel quality and durability, our Beacon® Nylon American Flags have amassed hundreds of five-star reviews during our 40+ years in business. Purchase our Beacon® Nylon U.S.A. Flag today to learn why several customers only buy their flags from Carrot-Top.   

  • Crafted from lightweight and quick-drying SolarGuard® 200 denier nylon  
  • Fitted with a strong canvas header and rust-resistance brass grommets 
  • Flags sized up to 12’x18’ have embroidered stars with back-stitch reinforcement 
  • Appliqued stars on flags 15’x25’ and larger 
  • Sewn stripes with interlocking stitching and reinforced fly ends to prevent fraying 
  • Recommended for mild to moderate wind areas 
  • Covered by industry's best six-month guarantee 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Why Buy our Premium Brand Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags? 


Our Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags come with a host of features and benefits to keep your display looking flawless. Keep reading to learn more.  

Crafted with unmatched durability 

Our durable, heavy-duty nylon American flag is carefully constructed to ensure a bold appearance and are built to last. These U.S. flags are crafted from premium, fade-resistant nylon to ensure that your flag’s colors do not fade from the sun. Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags are the best all-around outdoor flag for long-term use in all weather conditions.

Create spectacular indoor and outdoor flag displays!

Carrot-Top's Beacon® Nylon American Flag is great for both indoor and outdoor displays! These popular flags are most commonly found in government buildings, police and fire departments, schools, businesses, and various residential areas.  Elevate your flag display with our high-quality nylon U.S. flags, perfect for showcasing bold and vibrant displays of patriotism in and outdoors. Made in the U.S.A., these flags are a superb means to showcase your American pride, no matter your location!

Backed by the industry’s best six-month guarantee 

Get high-quality, long-lasting American flags backed by the industry’s best guarantee when you shop at Carrot-Top. Our unique warranty program protects your flag from defects, tearing, fraying, and fading for six months. Customers who experience any issues within that timeframe may request a free replacement. 


Why Shop at Carrot-Top? 

In addition to offering the industry's most durable and longest-lasting flags, we proudly feature a team of experienced Flag Pros ready to assist you with any of our products. With over 70 years of combined expertise in the flag industry, our Flag Pros are equipped to guide you in selecting the perfect patriotic products for your specific needs and budget. Enhance your flag display with our extensive collection of American-made military flags, POW/MIA flags, state flags, stick flags, custom flags, flagpoles, flag kits, and a wide array of other exceptional products when you shop with us today! 

Are You Looking for a Flag for Areas with Stronger Winds?

Patriarch® polyester American flagsfrom Carrot-Top are made in the U.S.A. out of premium polyester material! Our polyester U.S.A. flags are designed for use in coastal areas and in locations with high winds and extreme weather conditions. These polyester American flags are designed with care to detail and quality. They feature brightly saturated colors that are resistant to fading— even with daily use. Sewn stripes provide extra reinforcement against the elements. These heavy-duty flags are sure to make a statement wherever they are displayed.

FAQ About Our Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags: 


Additional questions about our products can be redirected to our Flag Pros via our contact us form.  

1. What are the most popular Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flag sizes we sell in feet? 

The 3’x5’ nylon American flag is the most popular size — followed by the 5’x8’ and 4’x6’ U.S. flag. 

2. Are all Beacon® Nylon American flag sizes made the in the U.S.A.? 

Yes, all our Beacon® Nylon U.S. flag sizes are made in the U.S.A. 

3. Are the stars embroidered on all the flags? 

No, the sizes 12"x18" through 12'x18' have embroidered stars, but on the 15'x25' and larger flags, the stars are appliqued. That means that a separate piece of white fabric is sewn down onto the blue field. 

4. Why buy our Beacon® Nylon US Flag over other fabrics? 

There are many reasons why you should buy our Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags. Here are the top reasons why customers rate our Beacon® Nylon American Flags so highly!  

  • Lightweight fabric that flies with the slightest breeze 
  • Has a shiny finish that glistens brilliantly in the sunlight 
  • Made from premium quality nylon fabric that resists deteriorating in long-term outdoor conditions 
  • Cost effective — our nylon flags cost less than polyester and cotton and are discounted heavily when bought in bulk 
  • Comes with six-month guarantee against defects, fading and tearing  
  • Made in America from top U.S. flag makers 
  • Fade and mildew resistant for a long-lasting flag in areas that experience a lot of rain or sun 

5. How do these attach to my pole? 

If you are getting a smaller sized flag, such as 12”x18” through a 3’x5’, for your 5-6' outdoor pole, then simply unscrew the screw in the flag collar, position the grommet of the flag over the collar and reinsert the collar screw. If you are getting a larger sized flag that would be attached to the halyard or rope on a larger flagpole, then use a snap hook that is tied to the halyard to clip onto the grommet or the thimble. 


6. What is the difference between an outdoor flag and an indoor flag?     


When you shop at Carrot-Top, you will find that many of our outdoor and indoor flags are made of nylon material. Nylon’s lightweight but durable construction makes it an ideal flag fabric for many use cases. While the outdoor flags we sell on this page are finished with a poly duck canvas header and brass grommets, our indoor flags have a lined pole sleeve that slides easily onto our indoor flagpoles and is secured with a leather tab.  


7. What is a grommet? 


A grommet is the metal finished hole in the outdoor flag heading that you use to attach the flag to your pole. To reduce fraying from simply cutting a hole in the header, two metal circles, usually brass to keep it rust-proof, are clamped together over the raw edges to give it strength.  


8. What is a thimble on a flag? 


All flags 8’x12’ and larger have a rope heading instead of only grommets on their hoist end. That means that a sturdy rope is literally sewn into the heading to add strength. At either end of that rope, a metal loop, called a thimble is attached. That thimble is what the snap hooks clip onto to attach the flag to the halyard. 

9. Do you sell outdoor flags with lined pole sleeves? 


Yes, you can buy durable outdoor flags with lined pole sleeve on our American flag banner page. This style of flag slides easily over an outrigger or wall-mounted flagpole for easy installation. We recommend American flag banners for display outside your home or small commercial building. 

What is the Ideal Flagpole Height for Different Flag Sizes?  


The correct flag for your flagpole depends on many factors, the number one being its height. Generally, the longest side of your flag should be between one-fourth and one-third of the pole’s total length if you’re installing an in-ground flagpole. This ensures that your flag does not touch the ground when lowered to half-staff.  

Flag Size 

Ideal Flagpole Height

2’x3’ flags 

2’x3’ are meant for display on small 5’ outrigger flagpoles near homes and small buildings 

2.5’x4’ flags 

2.5’x4’ are ideal for display near your home, and to honor those who have fallen on their gravesites. Display with a 5’ outrigger flagpole 

3’x5’ flags 

A 15’ to 20’ in-ground flagpole / 6’ outrigger flagpole   

4’x6’ flags 

25’ flagpole 

5’x8’ flags 

Choose between a 30’ flagpole or a 35’ flagpole 

5’x9.5’ flags 

This is the standard size of a casket flag. Pair with a 45’ flagpole. 

8’x12’ flags 

50’ flagpole 

10’x15’ flags 

60’ flagpole 

10’x19’ flags 

60’ flagpole 

12’x18’ flags 

70’ flagpole 

15’x25’ flags 

70’ flagpole 

20’x30’ flags 

80’ flagpole 

20’x38’ flags 

80’ flagpole 

25’x40’ flags 

100’ flagpole – contact our Flag Pros to inquire about our large flagpoles.  

30’x50’ flags 

100’ – 120’ flagpole 

30’x60’ flags 

130’ – 150’ flagpole 

50’x80’ flags 

150’+ flagpole 


Reach Out to Our Flag Specialists Today! 

Have questions about any of our flags or flagpoles? Our experienced Carrot-Top Flag Pros are here to help you display the old glory today! Contact us today! Let us help you get your flag display looking great today! For a complete list of U.S. Flags visit our main American flags category. 

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