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Full Product Details of Our 35-Foot Commercial Flagpoles: 

Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpoles are our most popular and economical option for commercial properties. Help your university, office, hospital, or government building capture attention with a striking 35-foot flagpole. These flagpoles consist of commercial-grade materials and are an excellent choice for areas with light to moderate winds.

Choose from four different finishes, including three anodized finishes that are extra resistant to rusting, pitting, and corrosion. Read the bullet points for more information on our one-piece 35-foot flagpole.

  • Available for purchase in four finishes: satin, clear anodized, bronze anodized, and black anodized  
  • 6” inch butt diameter / 3.5” top diameter  
  • Seamless 6063-T6 aluminum with a wall thickness of 0.156"   
  • Shaft backed by Carrot-Top’s lifetime warranty  
  • Sturdy external halyard flagpole 
  • Withstands wind speeds up to 116mph when unflagged  
  • Made in the USA 

Components Included in our One-Piece 35 Ft Flagpole  

Majestic™ 35-foot flagpoles are some of the best aluminum flagpoles that Carrot-Top carries. Their imposing size makes a great impression when installed in front of a commercial building. Their heavy-duty aluminum construction means they're ideal for settings with light to moderate wind speeds.

Please note that every Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpole contains the following products. Please call to upgrade your truck, collar, or ball finial. All flagpole accessories will match the finish of the flagpole you selected.

Need a Flag to Fly on Your Flagpole? 

Carrot-Top offers various flags suitable for a 35 ft flagpole. Choose from our selection of Patriarch® polyester and Beacon® Nylon American Flags for a vibrant, long-lasting American flag. These flags are Carrot-Top exclusives and come with a six-month guarantee against fading, tearing, and fraying. We also carry military flags, state flags, and custom flags. 


Important Information for Our One-Piece 35-Foot Flagpoles  


Please read the following FAQ for important information regarding our one-piece flagpoles. Fill out our contact us form if you require additional assistance. 


  1. How does Carrot-Top ship their one-piece flagpoles?


Our Majestic™ flagpoles ship via motor freight. We asked those who plan to order a flagpole from us read our flagpole delivery and installation guide. This guide will provide in-depth instructions for preparing your site for flagpole installation. 


  1. What should I do after receiving my flagpole?


After receiving your flagpole, please remove it from its corrugated packaging immediately. Failure to do may cause permanent staining should your flagpole become wet. We also ask that you inspect it thoroughly for dents and scratches and refuse the delivery if you find your pole's condition unacceptable. 


  1. How do I install a 35 ft one-piece flagpole?


Please read through our Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpole Instructions for in-depth installation instructions. 


  1. What other flagpole sizes does Carrot-Top sell?


Carrot-Top’s Majestic™ aluminum flagpoles come in various sizes. Those who wish to purchase a flagpole for a smaller building should consider our 30-foot flagpole, 25-foot flagpole, or 20-foot flagpole. We also offer flagpoles up to 80 feet online. If you need a larger flagpole or one with a shoe base installation, please fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro. 


Other FAQs About our 35-Foot Commercial Flagpoles  


Our Flag Pros are happy to answer any questions not currently covered in this FAQ. Please fill out our contact us form if you have additional questions. 


  1. What size flag should I fly with a 35-foot flagpole?


Generally, the length of your flag should be between approximately 1/4 and 1/3 of your flagpole’s height. Those planning to fly one flag on their flagpole should choose the 5’x8’ or 6’x10’ flag sizes for optimal results. Carrot-Top carries a huge selection of nylon flags in both sizes. 


  1. Should I buy a one- or two-piece flagpole?


There are several benefits to ordering a two-piece flagpole over a one-piece flagpole. You save on shipping costs when you order our 35-foot Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Two-Piece Flagpoles. These poles often have simpler installation methods than large one-piece poles and require less specialized equipment. While some believe that one-piece flagpoles are more stable than their two-piece flagpoles, our engineers have found both our variants to have similar strengths. 


  1. Can I fly more than one flag on a 35 ft flagpole?


Yes, when flying multiple flags on this flagpole, we ask that you purchase a 4’x6’ and a 3’x5’. Your American flag should be the larger of the two flags to maintain proper flag etiquette and always fly on the top. If you plan to purchase a second flag, you will need to order an extra set of snap hooks. This flagpole only comes with two. 


  1. Is the flagpole suited for commercial or residential use?


Our 35-foot aluminum flagpole is ideal for both residential and commercial use, offering a sturdy and attractive display option for flags of all kinds.  


  1. What sized building needs a 35-foot flagpole?


A 35 ft flagpole is ideal for many small to medium-sized offices and apartment complexes, five to seven stories in height. 


  1. What finish should I select?


The best flagpole finish depends on your surroundings. Our satin finish is shiny and matches most buildings. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather, we recommend protecting your flagpole with an anodized finish. These finishes have a sealant guaranteed to resist pitting, corrosion, and chipping for at least five years. Another excellent option for coastal areas is our 35-foot fiberglass flagpole, which is gel-coated for added resistance against corrosion. 


  1. Does the flagpole come with a warranty?


Yes, we provide a lifetime guarantee for the flagpole shaft and a five-year guarantee for the finish. 


Carrot-Top: The #1 Provider of Flagpoles for Businesses! 


Carrot-Top carries an unbeatable selection of flagpoles and accessories to meet your needs. While our Majestic™ line of aluminum flagpoles are some of our most popular, our flagpoles come in many different styles and materials. Our telescoping flagpoles feature unique swivel attachments to prevent flag tangling and clanging and are a great choice for many residential and commercial buildings. We also carry heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles that can withstand high winds. Purchase alone or with some flagpole accessories, such as snap covers and flagpole lights, for a complete flag display. Checkout online or fill out our contact us form if you need help finding the right product!

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