9” Aluminum Flagpole Cleats

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Full Product Details of our 9" Aluminum Flagpole Cleats: 


Keep your flag display looking great with our flagpole aluminum cleats. Crafted from ultra-durable cast aluminum, these heavy-duty fixtures are the ideal choice for any exterior flagpole 25' or taller and are the perfect replacement accessory for most of Carrot-Top's commercial flagpoles. Why choose our aluminum cleats? 


  • Measures 9", making securing the halyard on taller flagpoles easier 
  • Cast aluminum construction for unmatched durability 
  • Four finish options: bronze, white, black, or satin 
  • Powder-coated for maintenance-free fastening 
  • Easy mounting with only two 1 ¼" Allen head screws 
  • 9 ¼" long x 2 1/8" wide x 1 1/8" deep 
  • Screw spacing is 2 ½" apart from center to center 
  • Proudly made in America 


Carrot-Top offers the highest quality flagpole aluminum cleats for unmatched peace of mind. Ensure your flag display looks beautiful and stays secure for years to come with this essential accessory. Order now to secure your flagpole rope! 


Purchase Your Flagpole Aluminum Cleat from Carrot-Top


Carrot-Top is committed to providing high-quality, American-made flagpole accessories. Our flagpole aluminum cleats are designed for poles 25' and taller, allowing you to securely fasten the flag halyard ropes.  


The halyard should be double the height of the flagpole, allowing you to safely raise and lower the flag. Our aluminum cleats make securing the excess rope easy, ensuring your flag display looks great. Each cleat attaches with two 1 ¼" x ¼" Allen head screws (included) and should be placed 5' above the ground on the flagpole's shaft. Available in multiple finishes, including black, white, satin, and bronze, they're the perfect complement to any flagpole. 


Be sure to measure carefully to be certain you're ordering the correct replacement part, as we carry flagpole aluminum cleats in multiple sizes and styles. Contact our Flag Pros if you need additional assistance. 


Explore Our Full Line of Flagpole Cleats 


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Order Online and Contact our Flag Pros Today 


Carrot-Top offers secure online ordering, making it easy to create a stunning flag display. Our Flag Pros are standing by to help you choose the right flagpole aluminum cleats to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have. We're your one-stop shop for all of your flag and flag accessories needs. Contact us today! 


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