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The West Virginia state flag represents the “Mountain State’s” commitment to personal freedom and its fidelity to the Union. The West Virginia flag consists of a pure white field with a blue striped border and the West Virginia Coat of Arms at its center. The color white symbolizes purity of the state while the blue border recalls the protection of the Union. Two tethered swags of rhododendron maximum, the state flower, envelope the West Virginia state coat of arms. The coat of arms represents the principal pursuits of the West Virginians and the resourcefulness of the state. The center of the shield displays a boulder that has been inscribed with the date June 20, 1863, the date of West Virginia’s admission to the Union. Two rifles and the Cup of Liberty lie in front of the boulder in recognition of the state’s fight for liberty. Two men, a farmer and a miner, stand on each side of the boulder representing agriculture and industry.

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