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Full Product Details for our U.S. Space Force Flag for Sale: 

Celebrate your unwavering passion for the US military and space exploration by proudly hoisting the flag of the youngest branch, the US Space Force. Crafted from high-quality materials designed to endure the rigors of outdoor use, these flags symbolize your enduring support for the military and space exploration. These official Space Force logo flags are the only ones approved for public display, so order today if you are a civilian!  

  • Fashioned out of 200-denier nylon that flutters in the gentlest breeze 
  • Finished with four rows of stitching on the fly end to resist fraying and tearing 
  • Available in the standard 3’x5’ flag size — other sizes available at custom prices 
  • Includes a strong canvas header and brass grommets for easy hoisting with halyard and snap hooks 
  • Official Space Force flags for public use 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Why Buy Our US Space Force Flags for Sale?  

Carrot-Top is committed to serving our customers through the quality and craftsmanship of our products. For over 40 years, we've been the trusted supplier of commercial-grade flags to businesses nationwide, and our United States Space Force flags are no exception. These outdoor Space Force flags, approved for official public use, let you proudly display your support for the US military's youngest branch.  

Crafted with durability, these outdoor flags come with rust-resistant brass grommets and a sturdy canvas header for easy attachment to your flagpole. With four rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent fraying, these flags are built to last. Made from tough 200-denier nylon material, they easily handle outdoor conditions. These flags flutter gracefully in the gentlest breezes, minimizing time spent hanging limply on the flagpole. Each Space Force flag is printed in a single reverse fashion, meaning the logo reads correctly on one side and reverse on the other.  

Our US Space Force Flags are for sale in the standard 3’x5’ flag size, but custom sizes can be requested by contacting our Flag Pros. Nylon flags, 3’x5’, are the perfect size for standard 6’ outrigger or 20’ flagpoles. You can also display them beneath a 4’x6’ American flag on a 25’ flagpole to showcase your passion for space exploration and the US armed forces. Elevate your display with an official US Space Force flag, 100% manufactured in America, today!

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US Space Force flags for sale - government use only 

Government entities can purchase the official government-use Space Force flag on our website. This flag features the official Space Force seal and includes brass grommets and a canvas header for easy hoisting and durability.  

Military flags

Carrot-Top proudly offers official military flags in many sizes and styles. Our American-made military flag selection includes outdoor flags, indoor flags, stick flags, flag sets, and more. You may purchase each US military flag individually or as part of an armed forces flag set. Learn more about each military flag we have for sale on our official category pages. The following list also matches the official order of the military flags.  

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If creating a military flag display that includes the US Space Force flag, please fly it after the USAF but before the USCG. Although the Coast Guard was established before the Air Force and its respective offshoot, it flies last because it operates under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime instead of the Department of Defense.  

U.S.A. flags 

Elevate your display with our official US Space Force flag, and make it truly shine by pairing it with our 4'x6' Beacon® Nylon American Flag. Crafted for durability and resilience in all weather conditions, Beacon® nylon US flags are our top choice, having amassed hundreds of five-star reviews. Showcase your unwavering dedication to American space exploration today with these flags! 

Look to the Future with Carrot-Top Flags 

At Carrot-Top, we're not just a flag provider; we're your long-term partner in showcasing your pride and support. We are happy to help you, whether you are looking for custom flags, historical flags, state flags or beyond. When you choose us, you'll discover the unparalleled quality of our products and experience our world-class customer service that keeps our customers coming back. Our Flag Pros can assist you if you need to checkout or want to order custom-sized US Space Force flags. Just fill out our contact us form to get started with us today! 

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