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The state of Mississippi voted in a new flag design on November 3, 2020. We are working hard to get flags produced and will ship them out as close to the estimated ship date as possible. The new Mississippi flag was designed by Rocky Vaughan, with design support provided by Sue Anna Joe, Kara Giles and Dominique Pugh. "The New Magnolia" flag is anchored in the center field by a clean and modern magnolia blossom, a symbol long-used to represent Mississippi and the hospitality of its citizens. The magnolia represents Mississippi’s sense of hope and rebirth, as it often blooms more than once and has a long blooming season. The new design is sleek and updated to represent the forward progression of Mississippi. The circle of twenty stars represents Mississippi as the twentieth state of the United States of America and is anchored by the gold five-point star, which stands alone. This star represents Mississippi's first peoples, the indigenous Native American tribes of the land that would become Mississippi. The color blue in the main field of the flag echoes the blue of the American flag, representing vigilance, justice, perseverance, while the bands of red represent hardiness and valor. The gold lines and the gold stamen of the magnolia are a nod to the rich cultural history of Mississippi, specifically the visual arts, literature, music and performing arts which originated in Mississippi.

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