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Polyester American Flags – Patriarch®

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$39.49 to $12,706.99

Full Product Details for our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags 


Unveil a new standard of flag display excellence with our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags. These flags are your ultimate choice for unforgiving weather conditions, ensuring your display stays vibrant and proud no matter the elements. As our number one recommended outdoor flag for extreme weather, these flags are made from heavy-duty spun polyester for unmatched durability. Order today to learn why Patriarch® Polyester U.S. flags are the go-to flag for thousands of customers!  

  • Made from heavyweight, two-ply polyester with unmatched resistance to sun and wind damage 
  • Intricately embroidered white stars that pop out of the blue field (flags 12'x18' and smaller)  
  • Reinforced stitching on the fly ends to prevent frays and tears 
  • Ultra-strong poly duck canvas header with rust-resistant brass grommets  
  • Guaranteed to last at least six months, or we'll send you a free replacement 
  • Choose from 16 sizes for a flag that perfectly complements your flagpole! 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Why Buy Our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags?  


Patriarch® polyester U.S. flags have amassed thousands of five-star reviews from customers nationwide. Continue reading to learn if this flag is right for you.  


The Number One Flag for Harsh Winds!  


Our outdoor polyester flags are meticulously crafted using robust, woven two-ply polyester, specifically treated to resist U.V. radiation. This special treatment ensures that these flags maintain their shape even in harsh weather conditions that can leave other flags in tatters. We recommend flying polyester flags if you live in an area that experiences powerful winds, such as the coast, mountains, open plains, or any windy spot. Their durable construction allows them to retain their fabric integrity in windy locations longer than nylon flags. 


Superior Construction 


Patriarch® polyester U.S.A. flags are built with a strong canvas heading and solid brass grommets that allow the flag to attach seamlessly to outdoor flagpoles. These two-ply polyester U.S. flags resemble traditional cotton flags but are far more durable. Each flag is sewn with exquisite lock stitching and reinforced fly ends to make it even more resistant to fraying and tearing in the wind. Flags 3'x5' to 6'x10' feature four-stitch fly ends, while flags 8'x12' and larger have six-stitch fly ends, making them even more resistant to frays and tears.  


Unmatched Size Selection 


Carrot-Top is proud to offer a diverse selection of polyester flag sizes to match your flagpole. Our range includes sizes as small as 3'x5', complimenting 20' flagpoles to gargantuan 50'x80' flags that create awe-inspiring displays of patriotism. Each flag size proudly bears the made in the U.S.A. label, reflecting our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. In addition to our substantial range of sizes in stock and ready for shipment, we also carry made-to-order sizes that ship out in a few weeks. Select your ideal flag size from the menu above, and we will let you know if it is in stock. In-stock items ordered before 3pm will ship out that same day for ultra-fast delivery to your address. 


Unbeatable Six-Month Guarantee!  


Patriarch® Polyester American Flags are some of the longest-lasting on the market. We are so confident in the quality of our flag that we offer a six-month guarantee on all of our Beacon® nylon and Patriarch® polyester U.S.A. flags. That means that if your flag tears, frays, or fades within six months, we will send you a free replacement. Get our unbeatable six-month guarantee when you shop with us today! 


Live in an Area with Mild to Moderate Winds?  


Our Beacon® Nylon American Flags create beautiful flag displays in all types of weather. Expertly crafted from SolarGuard® 200 denier nylon, these flags are lightweight enough to fly in even the gentlest breezes and dry ultra-fast. Compared to polyester flags, these flags are more cost-effective and fly better in areas with mild to moderate winds. The material creates beautiful flag displays for schools, small businesses, offices, and more! 


What Products Should I Purchase with My Outdoor Patriarch® Polyester Flag?  


Carrot-Top provides many products to make your flag display look spectacular and several resources to guide your purchasing decisions. Those who are looking for excellent products to purchase alongside their Patriarch® Polyester American Flag should consider the following.  


Ropes and Snaphooks 


Patriarch® polyester U.S.A. flags come with a strong canvas header and rust-resistant brass grommets or sturdy steel thimbles on rope headings that attach to your flagpole with halyard and snap hooks. When replacing your American flag, we recommend also checking the condition of your halyard. If your rope looks frayed or damaged, consider replacing it immediately. Our flagpole repair kit includes all the accessories you need to repair your flag display.  


Flagpole Lighting  


You should illuminate your American flag display if you plan to display it at night. Flying a U.S. flag in the dark violates flag code. At Carrot-Top, we sell various flagpole lights to illuminate your display, the most popular option being our solar-powered flagpole light topper. This flagpole light attaches to the top of your flagpole and shines 360 degrees of light around your flag.  


Commercial-Grade Flagpoles 


In regions prone to strong winds, installing a commercial-grade flagpole is crucial for a durable display. Our Majestic™ Heavy-Duty Architectural-Grade Flagpoles are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, with a maximum unflagged wind speed of 144-287 mph. These robust flagpoles stand tall even in the harshest weather, assuring you can confidently re-raise your flag the following day. 


State and Military Flags 


Flying state and military flags alongside the American flag adds deeper meaning to your display. It's a powerful way to honor your state's unique heritage and history and show support for the brave men and women who serve in the military. Carrot-Top sells 55 U.S. state and territory flags and the POW/MIA flag. When you choose to fly any of these flags, you create a powerful symbol of your community, unity, and patriotism. Remember, if you are flying a second flag on your display, your state or military flag should be smaller and fly below your American flag. Flying your American flag on top symbolizes America's superiority over the state government. 


FAQ About Patriarch® Polyester American Flags 


Don't hesitate to contact our Flag Pros if you have any additional questions about our Patriarch® polyester U.S. flags. We recommend visiting our American flag category page for more general information about flag shopping. 


1. What flag should I buy for my flagpole?  


The long side of your flag should measure between ¼ and 1/3 the total height of your flagpole. A flag that is any bigger than these dimensions will potentially touch the ground when lowered to half-staff, a violation of flag etiquette. Please use the following table to find the recommended flag size for your flagpole.  



Flag Size 

Ideal Flagpole Height 

3’x5’ flags 

A 15’ to 20’ in-ground flagpole  

4’x6’ flags 

25’ flagpole 

5’x8’ flags 

Choose between a 30’ flagpole or a 35’ flagpole 

5’x9.5’ flags 

This is the standard size of a casket flag. Pair with a 45’ flagpole. 

8’x12’ flags 

50’ flagpole 

10’x15’ flags 

60’ flagpole 

10’x19’ flags 

60’ flagpole 

12’x18’ flags 

70’ flagpole 

15’x25’ flags 

70’ flagpole 

20’x30’ flags 

80’ flagpole 

20’x38’ flags 

80’ flagpole 

25’x40’ flags 

100’ flagpole – contact our Flag Pros to inquire about our large flagpoles.  

30’x50’ flags 

100’ – 120’ flagpole 

30’x60’ flags 

130’ – 150’ flagpole 

50’x80’ flags 

150’+ flagpole 


2. How is polyester better than other materials for heavy-duty flags?  


Polyester is known for its exceptional durability, U.V. resistance, and color retention properties. It is well-suited for outdoor use due to its ability to resist fading, tearing, and fraying, even in harsh weather conditions. Compared to nylon, polyester flags withstand high winds longer but are heavier. Polyester flags are not recommended for low-wind areas because they require more wind to fly than their nylon counterparts. Overall, polyester flags are strong and durable, withstanding extreme weather longer than their nylon or cotton counterparts.  

3. Are these heavy-duty polyester American flags suitable for year-round outdoor display?  


Yes, absolutely. These heavy-duty flags are specifically designed for year-round outdoor use. They can withstand rain, wind, snow, and sunlight without losing their vibrant colors.  

4. Can I fly my polyester flag in the rain?  

Yes, you can fly your polyester in light rain, but we recommend taking it down during severe weather. While our polyester flags can withstand high winds, they are not meant to fly during tornados, hurricanes, and other types of inclement weather. Flying your flag during a major storm can significantly shorten its lifespan and even cause it to rip in half.  


5. How do I clean and maintain my heavy-duty polyester American flag?  


Hand wash your heavy-duty polyester American flag with mild soap and cold water to keep it looking its best. Avoid harsh detergents or machine washing, as they can damage the fabric. Allow the flag to air dry.  


6. How long can I expect these heavy-duty polyester American flags to last when used outdoors?  


Polyester flags vary in lifespan, depending on weather conditions, U.V. exposure, and usage frequency. While guaranteed to last at least six months, many customers report our flags lasting much longer, even with daily use. With proper care and maintenance, they can last several years.  


7. Can I fly my polyester flag outside my home? 


Yes, polyester flags are great for hanging outside your home, provided you display them on the correct type of flagpole. We do not recommend using outrigger flagpoles to display your polyester flags. These flags can become very heavy when wet and cause these types of flagpoles to break. We recommend you fly your polyester flag on in-ground residential or commercial flagpoles. 


Our Flag Pros Can Help You Shop!  


No matter how harsh your environment is, Carrot-Top has a flag that can meet your needs. For additional help shopping, don't hesitate to contact our Flag Pros. With 70 years of combined experience, they can help you find the right size flag, shop for matching accessories, and provide you with tips for displaying Old Glory today. Shop now or visit our American flag category page for a complete list of U.S. flags!  

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