Solar Disk Flag Pole Light Topper

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Full Products Details of our Solar-Powered Flagpole Light Topper 

Our LED solar flagpole light disk offers bright and continuous illumination, giving off 800 lumens. Just place the light at the top of the flagpole with your ball topper going through its middle to show off your gorgeous stars and stripes at night. This wireless solar flagpole light is designed for flagpoles up to 30’ high to meet the needs of both home and commercial settings.  

  • Self-charging solar panel  
  • 120 bright LEDs in eight different panels  
  • No wiring required 
  • Easy installation, does not need an electrician 
  • 5.5 volt 5.2 watts solar panel with a 3.7-volt 5200 MAH lithium battery.  
  • Sits below your gold ball pole topper 

Why Buy the Solar Disk Flagpole Light from Carrot-Top Industries? 


Our solar flagpole light disk is created with 120 LEDs in eight different panels, giving off 800 lumens. This bright solar-powered flagpole light guarantees ultra-bright illumination. Ensure your flag display is seen per the flag code. Designed for use with flagpoles up to 30' high, this flagpole light provides 360 degrees of illumination for a breathtaking display.  

*Note that you must charge the flagpole light topper for at least three days in the OFF position before it can cast light. 


What Other Flagpole Lighting Kits Does Carrot-Top Offer? 


There are many ways to illuminate your flagpole. You can either attach an LED light to your flagpole, use an in-ground light, or attach a light to your flagpole topper. Choose between flagpole lights that are solar or wired. Our Patriot™ Flagpole Light is popular for flagpoles 35’ and under. This bright LED light attaches directly to the flagpole. Its neck is easily adjustable so you can hit your flag at the perfect angle. We also offer in-ground flagpole lighting options, which include halogen floodlights. 

Read our flagpole lighting guide if you are struggling to decide which flagpole light to choose. 

Flagpole Lighting Frequently Asked Questions 


Fill out our contact us form if you have any questions not answered here.  

1. Should I choose a flagpole light that’s solar or wired? 

Wired lighting shines brightly in areas and will overpower surrounding lights. We recommended them for businesses that want a bright light without worrying about battery life or sunlight availability. However, solar lighting is better if you want to save on installation costs. Many of our solar and wired lights come with powerful LED light bulbs ideal for commercial flagpoles.  

2. What is the purpose of a flagpole light? 

Flying your flag in the dark violates the U.S. flag code. Flagpole lighting helps your business uphold proper flag etiquette when flying from dusk to dawn. 

3. Are there any regulations on flagpole lighting? 

Many cities and neighborhood associations have restrictions on which lights you can place. We recommend checking with your local guidelines before deciding on flagpole lighting. Call 811 or visit to check your local building codes! 

4. How do you maintain your flagpole light topper? 

Our flagpole light solar LED lights last the test of time and require minimum maintenance. Check the bulbs periodically to ensure they work and replace them as needed. Clean the lights' lenses with a soft cloth and mild detergent if they become dirty.

Are you Looking for a Flagpole that Works Well with our Flag Solar Disk Light?  

Explore our top-selling flagpole brand Majestic™ which comes in different sizes. We have 25-foot and 20-foot commercial aluminum poles. Carrot-Top also carries heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles and telescoping flagpoles, so you can find a flagpole right for your business. All our flagpoles and flagpole kits include a lifetime warranty on the shaft for worry-free use. 

Interested in Refreshing your American Flag? 

Check our premium American flags preferred by many businesses and organizations nationwide. If you are looking for Nylon fabric, order our Beacon® 3x5 foot nylon American flag. If you are looking for a stronger flag that can handle extreme weather conditions, order our Patriarch® 3x5 foot polyester American flag. Both outdoor American flags are made in the USA. 


Carrot-Top: The Premier Provider of Old Glory Products 


Carrot-Top carries thousands of flag and flagpole products. Our Flag Pros have over 40 years of experience helping customers choose the right products. Order online or fill out our contact us form to get started with checkout. We can’t wait to help you with your flagpole lighting needs! 

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