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Full Product Details for our Patriot™ Solar Flagpole Light:  


Our Patriot™ solar flagpole light creates spectacular nighttime displays with minimum environmental impact. If you want to draw attention to your American flag after dawn, this lighting kit shines bright, long-lasting light. Each Patriot™ light comes fitted with an adjustable neck to shine the bright light where and how you want.

  • 3.7V 3600 MAH battery capacity for longer and brighter illumination 
  • 6V 3W solar panel and high-intensity LED bulb 
  • Ultra-bright LED light with 450 lumens 
  • Flexible, adjustable zoom and flood feature — focus beam of light exactly where you want 
  • Lights any flag mounted on flagpole with a diameter of 26 inches 
  • Comes with a mounting bracket and four stainless steels bands for easy attachment to your flagpole 
  • Weather resistance and waterproof 


Why Buy Our Patriot Solar Flagpole Light?  


Patriot™ flagpole lights are one of our best-selling light fixtures due to their versatility, ease of use, and hassle-free installation. Patriot™ commercial flagpole lights come fitted with a high-capacity 3.7V battery, the most commonly used battery in high-power draining products. Coupled with a 6V solar panel and a high-intensity LED bulb, these solar lights shine a bright, long-lasting light, ideal for showcasing your flag display.

These commercial flagpole lights also come fitted with a flexible, adjustable zoom and a flood feature, allowing you to focus the beam of light how and where you want. Change from a focused zoom to wide flood illumination with ease when you purchase our Patriot™ solar flagpole light. 


Flagpole Lighting FAQ 


Not seeing your question answered? Don’t hesitate to contact a Flag Pro via our contact us form. They can answer questions about our LED solar flagpole lights and help you choose the proper lighting for your display.  


1. What should I do before installing my flagpole light? 


We recommend researching different flagpole lighting options to see which one works best for your needs. Our flagpole lighting guide can help guide your decision. Before choosing your light, please ensure the lighting option you want complies with your local ordinances.  


2. Can you fly a flag at night?  


According to the US flag code, your flag must be properly illuminated when displayed at night.  


3. What is the maximum flagpole height for this lighting kit?  


We recommend using this light on flagpoles 35’ and shorter if placing your flagpole light at the bottom of the flagpole. 


4. What flagpole light should I use for a flagpole taller than 35’?  


For flagpoles 35’ and taller, place your Patriot™ flagpole light in the middle of the flagpole for the best illumination. Carrot-Top also carries several above-ground wired lights that cater to taller flagpoles.  


5. What is the difference between solar-powered and wired lighting options?  


Solar-powered flagpole lights use special panels called photovoltaic (PV) panels to collect energy from the sun. These panels change sunlight into electricity, which can be stored in batteries or used directly to power the lights. To recharge their batteries, solar-powered lights need to be exposed to direct sunlight and installed in a way that allows them to get the most sunlight possible. Solar flagpole lights might not be the best choice if you live in an area with limited sunlight.

Unlike solar lighting, wired lighting does not rely on sunlight and can be used in areas without access to natural light. However, wired lighting requires electrical infrastructure and professional installation to ensure safety and proper functionality. 


Consider These Alternative Flagpole Lights! 


The best solar flagpole light depends on your flagpole’s height, environment, and individual needs. While our Patriot™ flagpole light is a popular solar energy option, our other flagpole lights may better suit your needs. Check out our flagpole lighting category page for the full list of options.  


Disk flagpole light topper 


Solar flagpole light disc is our top-selling downlight for flagpoles under 35’. Place at the top of the flagpole just underneath the flagpole ball for 360 degrees of illumination. Please note this flagpole light has a three-day charge time.  


Commercial solar LED flagpole light 


Our commercial solar LED flagpole lights shine a solar spotlight on your flag for long-lasting, attention-grading illumination. Using the adjustable 4-6” clamp, perfectly cast a super bright light onto your flag. 


Flagpoles for your Solar Flagpole Light 


Carrot-Top carries a robust selection of commercial flagpoles to pair with your flagpole light. Our Majestic™ series of flagpoles come in heights 20’ and greater to match the size of your building. Choose from standard commercial-grade to heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles. Architectural-grade poles are capable of withstanding extreme weather. For residents, telescoping flagpoles are another popular option. 


Illuminate Your American Flag with Flagpole Lighting!  


Carrot-Top's American flags include all sizes, ideal for any display type. The exclusive Patriarch® Polyester American Flags and Beacon® Nylon American Flags often exceed the standard lifetime for flags due to their water resistance and meticulous design. For more information about our products, please fill out our contact us form, and one of our Flag Pros will contact you! 

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