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The Maryland State flag is not only one of the nation’s most colorful state banners but it is also a symbol of unity and reconciliation for the “Old Line state”. The Maryland flag is based on the coat of Arms of George Calvert or Lord Baltimore, founder of the Maryland colony. Originally, the Maryland flag was associated only with the black and gold chevron design of Calvert’s father’s family. The red and white trefoils design is Calvert’s mother’s family coat of arms. During the Civil War, the red and white became popular as Marylanders who supported and fought with the Confederacy, wanted colors that reflected their allegiance. Maryland, however, remained with the Union. Soldiers in the state who fought with the Union proudly hoisted the black and gold. After the war, the combined banner of both coats of arms allowed Marylanders to pay homage to their war efforts and honor their home state.

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