City Flag Program

Carrot-Top Industries’ City Flag Program was developed in 2015 to work with cities across the U.S.A. to promote city pride and beautification within the community. Over the years, we would receive calls from city residents interested in buying their official city flag to fly at their home with their state and U.S. flags. We understood how important building community pride is to so many of the cities and towns across America. To meet this demand, we started the City Flag Program to partner with cities like yours by obtaining permission to produce your official flag and make it available for purchase directly on our website.

Call 800-628-3524 to Promote Community Pride and SAVE on Official City Flags.


  • We offer to create your city flag at a reduced rate
  • You order a minimum of ten (10) 3’ X 5’ flags to keep at your office
  • We maintain your flag inventory so residents can order online at a reduced price
  • You sign the City Flag Program agreement
  • We provide a formal quote and proof of your flag design
  • Once you approve proof, your flag is printed
  • You receive ten (10) flags and approve quality
  • We create a website page for your city flag product and include interesting city facts and photos
  • You approve your city website page, and we make it live on our website
  • Link your city government website to your city page on our website
  • Share your city flag website link and the city flag reduced rate with your:
    • Businesses
    • Schools
    • Organizations
    • Clubs
    • Residents 

*Note: Online prices do not reflect special discount.



  • Grows your city’s identity and pride
  • Builds a sense of community
  • Increases community morale
  • Provides beautification of government buildings, businesses, and homes
  • Offers discounted flag price for all businesses and residents

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